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The Greatest Offseason EVER


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Warrick Dunn

Wayne Gandy (likely retires)

Joe Horn

Demorrio Williams (the hardest guy to cut, so if the price is right, we keep him)

Byron Leftwich (at least Joey can stay healthy)


DeAngelo Hall (most important thing this offseason)

Michael Boley

Free Agency:

Alan Faneca (sign this guy at ALL costs)

Move Keith Brooking to WLB.


1 - Darren McFadden - RB, Arkansas

Something tells me we'll be picking high enough to get him, and something tells me that the Pats will pass on him if he's there because they need help on defense (Chris Long? James Laurenitis?) If he's there at our pick, we absolutely have to take him. We need playmakers on offense and he is the best player in this draft.

2 - Gosder Cherilus - OT, Boston College

He looks like a leader on the BC sidelines, he is HUGE, and he finally gives us a stud OT that we've needed ever since Bob Whitfield realized holding is easier than blocking. If we don't get McFadden in round 1 I think we need to address OT in round 1. This is the most important need on our team and the ONLY player worth taking over a stud OT is McFadden.

2 - Colt Brennan - QB, Hawaii

Fastest release of any QB in this draft, great leader, freakishly accurate, and he reads defenses like a book. What more do you want? I don't care if he played against lesser competition, he played on Hawaii! Their team has 50k to recruit for cryin out loud! He will make 31 teams regret not drafting him.

3 - Tony Hills - OT, Texas

Broken leg causes his stock to drop, but he's a stud. He'll team up with his former Texas teammate Blalock and be a young part of our line for years to come.

(Compensation for Kerney)

3 - Ben Moffit - MLB, South Florida

After we move Brooking back to WLB we'll need a stud MLB and that's where Moffitt comes into play. If we don't take Moffitt I still think it's important to address MLB somewhere in the middle of our draft. McKay seems to have a penchant for finding linebacker steals so I'm sure we'll end up with someone good, and I think it'll be Moffitt.

4 - Art Carmody - K, Louisville

I don't care if it's Carmody or Coutu, but we need to address the kicker situation. We need to draft a young guy who can be here for years and consistently get the ball in the uprights from 40-50 yards out.

5 - Dexter Jackson - WR, Appalachian State

I don't know if anyone watched the App. State-Michigan game, but this kid is INCREDIBLE. Ridiculous breakaway speed and I hear he's a great returner too. Hopefully he won't have trouble unseating the great Adam Jennings. (sarcasm)

6 - Fernando Velasco - C/G, Georgia

At best he can compete with Datish and McClure for the starting C spot, at worst he is decent depth because he can play multiple positions on the line.

7 - Haruki Nakamura - S, Cincinnati

He's small but he plays with a lot of heart and he's a HUGE part of a great Bearcats defense. Watch his highlights and you'll notice him flying around the field and making plays. I wouldn't mind taking a late round flyer on him.


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I would love to get Faneca, but I just don't see it happening. I think Arizona will land him. As far as the draft goes, it's not very original, but that doesn't really matter. If you have a chance to draft McFadden, I think you have to take it. As far as Colt Brennan goes, I'm going to hold off judgment until the Sugar Bowl. I want to see him against against top competition.

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