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MY offseason


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First we get the vick money back.


RB Warrick Dunn

OT Wayne Gandy

WR Brian Finneran

K Morten Anderson

QB Joey Harrington

QB Byron Leftwich

RB Artose Pinner

WR Joe Horn


LB Micheal Boley

CB Deangelo Hall

S Chris Crocker


OT Max Starks

K josh Brown


1-RB Darren McFadden-a stud for our offense

2-QB Colt Brennan-The future at qb

2-OT Alex Boone-Boone or starks will start at left tackle one will play right

3-DT Dre Moore-A big man who can give trey competition

3-ILB Jonathan Goff-Future starting mlb

4-OG Chris McDuffie-This kid has size and toughness to be a good player with development

5-WR Steve Johnson-Good hands and speed...more toys for petrino

6-OLB Spencer Larsen-Depth

7-OT Shannon Boatman-Size could suprise people and be good down the road

7-QB Matt Flynn-Incase if colt goes down we will need depth

A 3rd for Kerney and a 7th for rossum

Depth Chart:

Qb-Redman/Brennan/Flynn/Shockley Brennan wont start till midseason






OT-Wiener/Boone Boone will start in 09


















What do you think?

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I like it for the most part. If we have a chance to draft McFadden, I think we have to take him. I like how you addressed the OL, and gave us some depth. I'm going to hold off judgment on Brennan until he faces UGA. It should be interesting to see what he can do against top competition. Overall pretty good job man.

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I was very high on Starks before the start of the season but not so much anymore. He was benched early in the season and replaced at right tackle by Willie Colon. Max has had some spot duty here and there but really hasn't been impressive.

I know he is young with great size but I'd rather have Clabo than Starks.

A potential free agent pick up could be tackle Flozell Adams from the Cowboys. He is their starting left tackle and doing a real nice job. He's on the other side of thirty but still playing at a high level.

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Boley59 (12/7/2007)
the more i read the more i like clabo...I wonder if he is our longerterm solution at RT?

After what I have read recently, Clabo will be our RT for the future unless he screws it up. I can see either him or Foster @ RT. If we can bring in a good LT prospect, OT could actually be a good spot for us next year.

We have Weiner, Clabo & Foster to duke it our for a starting spot next to whoever we bring in for the other side. We could even start with Weiner @ LT with a 2nd round prospect for LT, like Boone, Otah or Cherilus. I say 2nd round because if McFadden is there he has to get taken, and if he doesnt it needs to be for a QB. I would take Brohm before Long, so I dont really see any scenerio where I would take someone not named McFadden or Brohm @ pick 2-3.

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