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If you could punch any 3 celebrities in the face, who would they be?


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dago (12/6/2007)
there is no way I could limit myself to 3. It would be like a potato chip commercial

"Bet you cant hit just one" or "Once you pop, you can't stop"

Yeah, 3 is hard with so many options out there... maybe we should make it 5 (the 3 you'd most like to pummel and then 2 alternates).
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Michael Moore

Susan Sarandon/Tim Robbins

Harry Belafonte/Danny Glover

Of course, none of them are WORTH my time, but it might be kind of fun. And no, despite what many think, it's not because of their political opinions. It's because they think that having been in a movie or written a crummy, annoying song makes them more important than other people and that their opinions actually matter more than anyone else's.

There are plenty of others. Really, I wouldn't mind smacking SEVERAL of our past presidents in the face. Jimmy Carter in particular; he screwed my grandfather out of a pension for political reasons (my grandfather wouldn't support his political career).


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