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RatPack fans..question.

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pencilpusher (12/6/2007)
In Oceans 11, Sammy is singing a song that goes "E O 11" ( see my profile for the Vid) Ratpack fans already know the vid.

What the heck does E O 11 stand for? Even of the O 11 stands for Oceans 11, what does the E stand for?

Sammy is not taking my calls right now.

I always thought it was ........ee-o-leven

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I just assumed it was more or less 'poetic license' to stretch O-11 to fit the syllables of the song. Sammy was such a bluesy cat :cool:, and those guys often even made up words so that the song flowed.

I could be wrong. I'm just a clown.

- And I can't seem to get Sammy on the line, either - ?? :D

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