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Complete Offseason


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I see us not winning anymore games, giving us the number 2 spot (behind Miami and in front of New York). With that said lets get on with the offseason

Cuts or not resigned

Adam Jennings

Artose Pinner

Brian Finneran

Byron Leftwich

Ben Wilkerson

Joey Harrington or Chris Redman ( whoever does worse is out)


Deangelo Hall

Michael Boley

Tyson Clabo

Chris Redman (if not cut)


Kynan Forney to Denver for a 5th round pick


Warrick Dunn

Wayne Gandy

Joe Horn

Morten Anderson


Round 1 [#2 overall]: Darren McFadden

A playmaker who will fill the seats as well as show off his amazing skills as a runner and sometimes a passer, Can really open up Petrino's playbook.

Round 2 [#34 overall]: Michael Oher.

I believe he will slip because there are 4 OT's in front of this guy, Clady,Baker, Cherilus, and Long. I dont see 5 OT being taken in the 1st round

Round 2 [#43] Frank Okam

Run Stuffer and a big player, would love to have him next to Trey Lewis

Round 3[#66] Vince Hall

Hard Hitting, Playmaking, full contact inside Linebacker, something we haven't seen in a while

Round 3 [comp] Roy Schuening

Whoa Nelly, make way for this bull of a player. What we need a big physical RG.

Round 4 [101] Josh Johnson

Only 1 interception with a 73% completion rating?!?!? And he can scramble out of the pocket, and he is a Tall QB?!?!?!

Round 5[139] Bruce Hoker

Why not get a WR, all the tools we are looking for.

Round 5[trade from denver] Frank Morton

Another huge DT, we need to get rid of some of this dead weight that makes our run defense so awful.

Round 6[176] DJ Parker

Will be a ST Warrior and is a strong strong saftey or corner, versatility helps us.

Round 6 [trade from pitt] Garrett Hartley

Yes, its about time we get a Kicker

Round 7 Devin Clark

another OT, can be either LT or RT

Round 7 Brandon Miller

OLB converted DE, he should give us good depth and is our Homer pick

McFadden Bio : http://www.hogwired.com/ViewArticle.dbml?S...2&Q_SEASON=2006


Michael Oher Bio:



Frank Okam Bio:



To be continued

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I like this mock a lot. My only point of contention is that I doubt Cherilus winds up ranked ahead of Oher. I believe Otah might, but Cherilus has had too many sub-par games.

With regards to Josh Johnson, if you are near a newsstand (or subscribe), Sports Weekly has an excellent article about him in the most recent issue.

43 TD passes to 1 INT seriously might be the most impressive college stat I have ever heard.

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I like this draft too...

If Oher declares, i dearly hope he falls to the 2nd but i have my doubts about that...

Love the Schuening pick... I think he will be a stud in the NFL. He is nasty and finishes his assignments.

If we dont draft Laurinaitis(which is doubtful, but im still holding hope lol) Hall would be a fine pick for ILB. Where he falls has a lot to do with the combine IMO and how well he runs there...

I would like to know which FA's would be targeted if this draft was to eventuate... Having Oher and Schuening next to each other on the OL would be a steep learning curve, unless your thinking of throwing Oher into the fire at LT and leaving Weiner next to Schue...

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I almost quit reading when you said we should trade our best o-lineman for a 5th round pick but I am glad I didn't. The draft looks very good overall. Oher would likely come in and start right away and I like the pick of Josh Johnson.

We have to see what Chris Redman can do in the coming weeks.....if he is no better than Joey or Byron has been then we obviously have to find a vet that can come in and start for a year or two.

Overall nice job minus the trade.

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rydolph (12/6/2007)
So ... we wait until the 4th round and put all our eggs in one basket on a QB whose level of competition was Azusa Pacific, Marist, Northern Colorado, Butler, Davidson, etc, etc? You have got to be joking or on crack. No thanks. That's worse than the folks wanting us to draft Erik Ainge IMO.

I don't mind not having a "franchise" qb for another year. Other teams get along without having a "franchise" qb. Ideally I would like to draft a Qb early, but only if it's worth it, and I doubt it will be right unless we do some trading.

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Robb4242 (12/6/2007)
No way Roy Schuening falls out of the mid 2nd round. He is the top OG in this draft and they usually go early 2nd.

Also I still think it's extremely doubtful we get a 3rd round comp for Kerney.


I was thinking that earlier in the season as well but.....

Kerney was one of the bigger FA pickups of the season. Also I cant think of another UFA (off the top of my head) that is playing better than Kerney right now.

San Fran got a 3rd round comp pick for Peterson 2 years ago, so I wouldnt rule it out for us by any means. :)

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Thanks everyone for your posts, and now to continue

I plan on putting Oher at Left Tackle halfway through the season, and Scheuning in at RG.

Josh Johnson I think is a good pick because the quarterbacks ahead of him are statues and with our o line the way it is, they will be sitting ducks. So why not spend high picks on our line and other key needs before we go and get a face for the franchise?

I plan on having Gandy retire, btw so we dont need to cut him.

Free Agents

Nat Dorsey, UFA OT, CLE: We need someone to hold down left tackle until Oher is ready. Im sure Oher will be ready but its just the grooming process time that we need.

Corey Williams UFA DT, GB: A 6'4 313 pound defensive tackle, 4 years of experience helps us have a mixture of veterans and rookies at DT

Bryant Johnson UFA WR, ARI: we need another talented reciever and this guy is talented but is overshadowed by Boldin and Fitzgerald

I think Redman will actually impress the coaching staff and he will be the starter or will be in contention next year for the #1 spot, depending on these next few games.

Any other questions?

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With regards to Forney, being a healthy inactive last week says it all about his future with this team.

As for Kerney, if he gets a Pro Bowl spot (which I expect), we get a third round pick for him. There is no doubt in my mind on that. The NFL's formula for player compensation rewards sacks a ton.

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Depth Chart

Free Agent Additions..Rookies


QB: Redman//Johnson//Shockley//

RB: McFadden//Norwood//Snelling

FB: Mughelli// McIntyre

WR X: White//Jenkins//Hoker

LT: Nat Dorsey//Oher

LG: Blalock//Batiste

C: McClure//Datish

RG: Schuening//Clabo

RT: Weiner//Ojinnaka//Clark

TE: Crumpler//Blakely//Milner

WR Y: Bryant//Robinson


CB 1: Hall//Williams

LE: Anderson//Davis

DT 1: Babineaux// Lewis//Morton

DT2: Williams// Okam

RE: Abraham//Miller

LOLB: Boley//Wilkins

MLB: Brooking//Hall*//Taylor * Hall might be switched in throughout the season

ROLB: Williams//Nicholas

CB 2:Houston//Sanders//Harris

FS: Crocker//Williams//Parker

SS: Milloy//Stone//Lowe

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