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Antoine Cason Interview


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Antoine Cason interview on Wednesday December 5, 2007 by SPORTSNATION.


Loring Tucson AZ: Hey Antoine, grad year at the UofA!!! Congrats! What do you think you need to work on most to prepare for the draft?

Antoine Cason: I just need to work on,...there's always technique you can work on. Studying the game. Speed, you can never have enough and becoming a better student of the game.

Cody (Schenectady, NY): Cason, was beating Oregon your teams most proud moment this year?

Antoine Cason: Definitely. We beat a No. 2 team in the nation. It's exciting. We came out with a lot of intensity and fire and played well.

Ken (Trenton, NJ): Is there anyone you were hoping to meet at the awards show?

Antoine Cason: A lot of the guys I met. But of course, Tim Tebow. I was interested in meeting Craig Steltz and Jamie Silva. It's always a pleasure in meeting those guys.

Todd (Maryland): What was your best memory of your years at Arizona?

Antoine Cason: OF course, the INT against Cal my juinor year at homecoming. And my game against Oregon this past year.

Brett (Tennessee): Who did you hit the hardest this season?

Antoine Cason: I would have to say the BYU QB the first game of the season when I caused a fumble.

Larry (Charlotte): So, LSU-OSU...who you got? Will you watch?

Antoine Cason: I have a boy on both teams. I'm going to be a neutral fan. I'll just be a fan of both teams. Of course I'll be watching. It's collge football and it's exciting.

jake, UNI: Antoine, what are you eating tonight?

Antoine Cason: I ate a little bit of everything. Ribs, pasta, sandwich, chicken. I'm eating anything that's out there for me.

Steve (Nesconset, NY): Do you think you could have beat Oregon if Dixon was healthy?

Antoine Cason: It would have been tough. Even after the game I said it would have been tough for us. It would have been a long night for us. But of course, I think we could still have won.

Brett (Tennessee): What do you think about the Heisman finalists, and who do you think should win it?

Antoine Cason: the Heisman finalists are all great athletes. They make plays for their teams and deserve to be there. It will be a tight and interesting race.

sean (ohio): If you could play for any NFL team, who would it be?

Antoine Cason: That's a tough question. I get that question all the time and I still don't know what to say. The teams I grew up liking were the Falcons, Patriots and Cowboys.

Antoine Cason: I appreciate all the love everyone's shown me and the support. Bear down Arizona!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Thanks Antoine!

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I think depending on what Jrs declare he could end up the 4th or 5th CB off the boards. That would put him at the end of round one likely.

Malcolm Jenkins, Mike Jenkins, Justin King, DeJaun Tribble (injury?) Aqib Talib, Jake Ikegwouna, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie could possibly all go before him. They wont all declare though I am sure. Not saying they all would, but aside from Malcom Jenkins being the best prospect, the CB position is up in the air, and combine numbers will shuffle guys around alot.

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