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Warrick Dunn

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Warrick Dunn was considered a backup QB at one time for the FALCONS because of injuries. "I know the thought is crazy a ****!", but it must be mentioned because if they consider him a backup QB then what does that say for the coach and the team as far as QB's go?

Also I must say why not give him a chance like "Chris Redman" should get and deserves at QB given the fact he made 2 td in a row with our Falcons and no other QB this year has done that.

Either way, if W. Dunn were to go in at QB it would be interesting to watch because he would be a "MOBILE QB" no doubt. Who knows, he might actually be good.....I dunno.. But if you are gonna give all the other QB's a chance then you have to give Warrick Dunn a chance sooner or later just to be FAIR!!!!!!!....

GIVE REDMAN AND WARRICK A SHOT AT QB PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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