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Rob Bironas, RFA, Tennessee Titans

Over the course of the past two seasons with the Titans, Bironas has kicked five game-winning field goals, which accounts for nearly half of the team s twelve wins over that span. He has a strong leg and has converted a 60-yard field goal for a win the longest field goal in franchise history. Bironas will be a RFA, reducing the likelihood that he leaves the Titans at cost to another team. There are definitely some teams that wouldn t mind acquiring the 29-year old.

Hmm,long distance fieldgoals?Can that be?

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Since this thread is about Special Teams, can I say that Rosburg has done a TERRIBLE job for the Falcons? A lot of people complain about Adam Jennings as a PR, and I agree that he's not a superstar, but watch carefully. Once he catches the ball, there is normally not one, but THREE defenders waiting to tackle him. There is no blocking at all. Once Jennings does have a good run back (for a TD), of course it is called back to the 15 because of the infamous block in the back. Norwood had one called back as well. And yes, I know that some of those calls as well as the holding calls on kicks are marginal. My point is that our ST sucks. Pure and simple.

Yes, ATL needs to draft a kicker. They should have done it last year, but McKay refuses to draft kickers. I wish Rich would look at how many games 6th round pick Mason Crosby has saved or won for GB this year, as opposed to the games we lost because we didn't have a kicker (and who did we draft in the 6th?). Mort is great, but only from 43.627 yards (with a tailwind).

When the Falcons re tool for 2008, along with draft picks and free agent signings, IMO they need to take a look at a couple of coaches.

Bozo is through venting now. ;)

Bozo feels a little better. :P

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