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Hello everyone!

I received the email to renew a few days ago, but only just got time to do so.


How's all in Hot'lanta!??? I haven't been following the Falcs to much in the past few weeks. As you surely know, my BEARS took a swan dive...BIG TIME!

Anybody need a running back out there?.....we'll even throw in ORTON!

You don't even have to trade us anything....just please....take 'em!.....:w00t:

How is Harrington and Lefty doing? Hey, at least the worst team in the NFL in MIAMI! LOL!!!

Now we wont have to listen to how they are the only team to ever go undefeated! HA!

Looks like the PATRIOTS will be joining them.

But, all the rest of us can now say...."yeah, and your the only team to never have won a game all season!" hehehehehehe!

Catch'cha's later!


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