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Anyone play Kane & Lynch yet?

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Errr, actually the current review on Gamespot has been edited to make it seem better. Eidos complained that Editorial Director Jeff Gerstmann's review conflicted with the fact that they just happened to have dumped a whole pile of money on Gamespot for advertising. Therefore, according to the widely-accepted rumor, Gamespot fired Gerstmann for making K&L look bad (hard to NOT do, according to various reviews). There is also reportedly a mass exodus from Gamespot over the matter.

The differences in the print versions can be seen here: http://www.joystiq.com/2007/12/05/comparis...ne-and-lynch-r/

The before and after edits of the video review can be seen on Youtube.

Penny Arcade's take:


Hilary Goldstein from IGN, however, believes that Gerstmann was fired for other reasons according to his blog.

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Kane & Lynch kind of sucks. Aside from it being way too ridiculously hard (During most shootouts you're outnumbered 10-1, and it's only fair if you're playing co-op, otherwise all the shooters are aimed right at you, making it impossible for you to stand up and shoot), the storyline is extremely stupid.

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