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Paul Johnson to interview for GA. Tech Head Coach Position Today

Guest stewie

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Here is the AJC story...


I hope we go this direction. Johnson is a great coach and would be a great hire for this program. There would certainly be philosophy changes, but I think it time for that! Phil Simms was also just on 790 singing Johnson's praises...he said that he had a conversation with Bill Belichick about Johnson, and that Bilichick believed Johnson's offensive philosophy could be successful at the highest collegiate levels (the discussion was about Johnson being considered for Alabama before Saban was hired).

The only question would then become if Jon Tenuta would stay or go with Les Miles?

All I have to say is...BRING HIM HOME MCKAY....ugh...RADAKOVICH!

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Ethanga62890 (12/5/2007)
Keep Tenuta in GT and away from LSU's talent, he'd go apeshit.


That's the truth! He'd figure out a way to blitz 13 players on every play!

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I can't argue with Tenuta's success. I don't like the all-out gambling philosophy, but it seems to work in college. If Tenuta stays, at least one season, GT would lessen the recruiting impact of losing its head coach.

However, I like the idea of hiring Johnson. His winning record speaks for itself. Imagine his head coaching skills combined with a GA recruiting network already in place.

Hire Johnson and try to keep Tenuta.

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