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Man this is the best board ever...


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I understand they have to have a code of conduct and so on and there are always new, good folks coming aboard but lots of the guys that made the board got whacked and I don't know if it is quite as good as it was a couple years back. I hope with the "new board" they will give everybody a "do over" and allow some folks back...or not shut them out.

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Shamanistic (12/4/2007)
MrPickles (12/4/2007)
We have some of the very best posters back in the flesh. Now all we need is bigbaloo to be back on here

He seems to be about the only banned member that hasn't rejoined. I think the ban filter is busted.

I haven't seen Scar...but he's been gone for about two years.

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raptorial bird (12/5/2007)
prolikewhoa (12/4/2007) Why the big deal about bans? Just set up a new gmail account and re-register. New name but you're not gone forever.

I think for repeat offenders they block their IP Address.

if you are a mod, the IP Addy Block button is labeled as the Beech Be Cool button

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