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Who Really is Aaron Rodgers?


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This story points out a dilema we are facing. Take the guy that is showing more now, or take the guy with more upside.

Who Really is Aaron Rodgers?

Most people know who Aaron Rodgers really is now. His outstanding performance in the the Packers-Cowboys showdown gave Cheesehead nation hope in an eventual loss. He's been sitting behind Brett Favre for almost three years, and finally got to showcase his talents. This kid could have accomplished so much more by now though.

During the 2005 NFL draft, the 49'ers had a tough choice to make. Do you draft Alex Smith or Aaron Rodgers as your franchise QB? Aaron Rodgers was graded higher by most scouting agencies and played for a great Cal Golden Bear team. There were many doubters though. Alex Smith had more size (Smith is 6ft 4in, while Rodgers is 6ft 2in), and didn't play for Cal. Rodgers was believed to be a system QB. Also, Cal coach Jeff Tedford had produced many great NFL prospects such as Akili Smith, Trent Dilfer, Joey Harrington, and Kyle Boller. Each has fluttered in the NFL.

The argument could be made that Smith that was a system QB. He played in a spread option offense under Urban Meyer at Utah. He mostly worked out of the shotgun, had ample time to read the defense, and run the ball. That's nothing like an NFL offense.

Rodgers scouting grade entering the draft was higher than Mr. Smith's. Aaron displayed outstanding arm strength, good accuracy, composure and mobility. Smith showed rather average arm strength good accuracy, and fine mobility. What really overwhelmed many scouts was Smith's intangibles. He was regarded as a great leader, and played the game with fierce passion. Thus, Smith was taken No. 1 overall, while Rodgers sat 3 hours and was picked by the Packers with the 24 overall pick.

Rodgers could have been the starting QB of the 49er's by now, while Smith most likely would have been taken in the Top 10.

The jury is still out on the pick.

Watching Rodgers play on Thursday made me feel more comfortable with him when/IF Favre ever retires. I just love watching him play. He displayed great accuracy and arm strength. He was able to thread the needle effectively. Aaron stood very, very composed in the pocket, never backing up to throw off his back foot. He showed he wasn't afraid to take a hit.

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