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Falcons Mock and Offseason


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Free Agency

Bryant Johnson - Will be a good pick up and is a much better version of michael jenkins, who can now be released

Flozell Adams - will help a pathetic o line, will teach the o line players we draft

Randy Starks - Very underated

Drayton Florence - Allows us to get rid of sanders, good nickel corner

Orlando Pace - Adds depth

Andrew Walter - I like this guy, i think he can run the offense if we get an o line


DeANgelo Hall - Is a must, the best defensive player, we need to lock him up with a long term contract

Michael Boley - Pretty much the same really

Release/ Cut

Wayne Gandy - Retire

Rod Coleman - Paid to much to get injured every season

Demorrio Williams - Move Keith Brooking back to wlb, no need to keep him

Quinn Ojinaka - Poor player

Byron Leftwich - Pathetic

Joey Harrington - Why is he still playin he is the worst qb i have ever seen, i can throw harder and further than him

Michael Jenkins - We now have Johnson no need to keep him

Warrick Dunn - i cannot undestand why he still starts


Round 1 - Pick 3 - Darren Mc Fadden - Just what we need, i go for the best player out there not biggest need.

Round 2 Pick 23 - Sam Baker - I have us trading back into the first round but not for Brohm, we need a good ol so i go with Baker, he is very good in what i have saw of him. Will start at rt immediately.

Round 2 -First Pick - Michael Oher - I sure hope he drops, i just dont see it happening.He could play guard while we have Adams, but eventually move to lt. 

Round 4 - Eric Young - Good og, projected to go between 3rd an 4th round, if not get shannon tevaga

Round 4 (f Seattle) - Jonathon Goff - We need a mlb, he will be a good pick up

Round 5 - Sammie Stroughter - Return specialist, and can play wr well. Apparently can run a 4.43.

Round 6 - Brandon Coutu - Im not a fan of camody in round 4 i think its pointless, rather use a 6th on a kicker.

Round 7 - Joe Flacco - Back up qb needed, he will fill it

Comments PLZ

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Baker is a pure LT. I wouldnt put him @ RT. I would go for Cherilus before Baker if RT is the goal. He is a very technical blocker, but wont just plow the running game along.

I like Walter, but definately would not consider going into the season with just him as our QB changes.

that is also alot of FAs, and since when is Orlando Pace a UFA?

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