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He has not missed a block in the passing game for at least the last 3 games.

I don't care if he gives up a sack a game if he averages 6.7 yards a carry.

Just like I don't care if Dunn doesn't allow a sack all year if he averages 3.2 yards a carry.

Run these numbers:

Norwood currently: 6 carriers at almost 7 yards a carry = 35 yards

Dunn currently: 18 carriers at 3 yards a carry = 54 yards

35 + 54 = 89 yards total

Norwood starting: 18 carriers at 6 yards a carry = 108 yards - (8 yards on a sack given up) = 100 yards

Dunn backup:  6 carriers at 3 yards a carry = 18 yards

100 + 18 = 118 yards total  (that is almost 30 yards more rushing counting the sack given up).

(I realize that Norwood's average per carry would probably go down slightly due to the increased workload, as well as Dunn's would increase due to the decreased workload, but it would be a small difference as far as the 118 yards are concerned.)

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FalconHEAT (12/4/2007)
I'm not sure how you can question someone's durability until you actually give them the carries and find out what their durability is.:ermm:

You can't do it but try to stop these dummies from droning on

and on about the skinny legs, etc. Brandon Jacobs and Stephen

Jackson are about as big as running backs get and they have

both been dinged up and missed about half the season. Duckett

always had some kind of tweak working that kept him on the sideline.

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Norwood has yet to make it through a season healthy as a clear backup to Dunn. He's been dinged up this year despite consistently not getting many touches behind Dunn. I'm all for an explosive running back, but he has to be able to carry the load of a starter.

The Giants game is the perfect one for seeing why Norwood is great to get in the game at times, like on the huge touchdown run, but why he should not be starting, with him getting ripped whenever he tried to pass block. He was only in on a few plays in which he was supposed to protect Harrington, and he got eaten up in those few opportunities. As good a runner he is, he's not going to start when he has no function in the passing game, it's putting 10 men on the field.

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Petrino's not as stupid as some people would like to believe. Most of the plays called are either passing plays, passing plays that are audibled into running plays, or running plays that are audibled into passing plays, which means someone that is entirely competent in the passing game is the only one that can start and not be a liability at some point on every drive. Petrino sees Dunn, who's not getting much on the ground, but gives them a sturdy back that can handle most situations, and he sees Norwood, who he really wants to find a use for, but can't always get him in with his nonexistant pass protection abilities. As soon as Norwood proves to be half as competent as Dunn in pass protection, and shows that he won't get dinged up when taking a heavier load, (so far he manages to get beaten up as a backup, which must be frustrating to both Petrino and Norwood) he'll definitely take the starting job and most of the touches, he's much too talented to sit much longer.

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