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Some next year freeagnets we need to take a look at


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()=old team

Corey Williams DT 6'4 320lbs(greenbay):everybody keeps talking about Albert Haynesworth but Corey Willimas has been a good DT for a couple of years....he is one of those greenbay DT like grady jackson.....a big run stuffer DT......he also wont cost alot

Nat Dorsey RT 6'7 340lbs(Cleveland Browns):This guy confuse me....i have seen him play lights out...but i have also seen him get beat...he is well worth taking a chance on....the browns sign him to a 1 year deal for 850gs....so he will be cheap

Darryl Blackstock LB 6'3 244lbs(Arizona Cardinals):He havnt had a chance to really play....because he is behind Calvin Pace......he plays with that aggressiveness you love in a LB.....he can play all 3 LB positions....he will be a bart scott type of player....when he gets a chance to start...he will be a beast

Andrew Walter QB 6'6 227lbs(Raiders):He is the perfect size for the qb.....he has the big arm and quick release....his accuracy is good to....he have every thing Derek Anderson has....its just he is stuck in Oakland(he will be released...but i would tradea late round pick for him...his contract is 2008: $460,000, 2009: $545,000...Those 2 year can be tryout years)

Derrick Ward RB 5'10 228lbs(Giants):He is now out for the year....but when he played....he average 80 yards or more a game.....he is a restricted free agent...so we will see

Chris Brown RB 6'3 225(titans):he runs between the tackle like Coach P wants in a rb...he can also catch the ball good...he would be perfect combo with norwood.....and he would be cheap

Bryant Johnson WR 6'3 216lbs(Cardinals):W

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