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Okay, how do you post pictures and how do you quote someone else?


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snakecharmer (12/4/2007)This is ridiculous, every time I post a picture or quote someone I can't see it...is there a way to fix this?

To post pics you need to use html...< img src="URL OF PIC"> take out the space between the < and the i

Quotes seem to only work when they feel like it....so I usually just click quote and then when it takes you to the post quoted reply page I take out the [ quote] thingies and just put < b>

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DomeGnome (12/4/2007)In Firefox there is no html tab....and that's what I'm using.

I couldn't see my avatar in Firefox so I switched to IE

Some of the functions don't seem to work right in Firefox.....but I hate IE...so I'll just work around it.

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