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Anyone ever had to replace an EGR Valve?

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(Exuast, Gas, Recirculation) I had to replace one on an 80's model Monte Carlo I owned one time. It was bolted to the intake manifold and held in place by two bolts. Easy change, and yes rough idle is a sign of one going bad. Check for heavy dark black sut around the tail pipe as well as that is indicator that it has gone bad. Also, the EGR is usually attached to the CCM (computer command module) so if you got it hooked up to a diagnostic machine, a bad EGR should flash an error code. Good luck!

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Simple solution to a rather "get expensive" in a hurry problem.

What I mean by saying that is an independent shop will charge around $50 or so to preform a diagnostic evaluation on the vehicle.

The computer will tell you exactly whats wrong and you replace the part or parts that are defective.

The old school trial and error days of replacing parts have long passed since what you think could be the problem isn't. There are several other components that could cause a rough idle.

IF you failed an emissions test, the testing facility should have told you what the problem was. Their machines do basically the same thing.

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Thanks guys.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

I have an OBDII tester on my laptop.  I get 2 codes.  P0400 and P0505.  I've researched both and think that replacing the EGR may fix the codes and idle issues. Just need a little feedback from others that have replaced the part in the past.

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