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Anyone else think it's time to give Chauncey the starting job?

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Davis got his 1 sack for the season already...he is good as useless now...and the sad thing is that I wanted him and Babs to light up the world.

They have both(Babs and Davis) combined for 6.5 sacks in 86 career games. 86 games folks....just 6.5 sacks...with a combined 30 starts as well. Even when they dont start, they still see 40% of the snaps, minimum.

I wouldnt shed a tear if both of them are gone this offseason. So much promise in both...so little production.

Anderson, he gets a free pass for his first year...although the worthless Gaines Adams is showing him up right now, Okoye has been showing him up all season, and Carriker is playing solid ball.

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