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Tupac's Best Of:Thug + Tupac's Best Of: Life

raider nation

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all i can say is wow.

this cd dropped dec. 4th from interscope records, and i was in the record store down the street from my house listening to it, ##### is hard.

basically, its nothing different than his greatest hits.  But. Each cd, (there is 2, Best of: Thug, and best of:life) features an unrealeased track, and a new remix.

the new songs include "dopefiends diner" and "resist the temptation"

i almost bust a nut to dopefiends diner. it was straight up classic tupac NOT ****** up by anyone. Never really heard this kind of song from him though, just him gently rappin a story over a beat. ****in raw.

the other song, is hard too. unreleased, not screwed up, EARLY 90's late 80's pac rappin about society.

i love this stuff.

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