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Be quick before this gets banished to the waste lands

Itchy One

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step by step way to attach an avatar picture. Feel free to treat me as a MB dummy. 

Also, is my nickname "itchy one" my LOG IN or is it the 41yearitch i signed up as??  I see me logged in as "itchy one".  Scared to log out as i have been unsuccessful all weekend logging in under any of my former names.  Made this new one today.

Thanks very much for your help

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>>> I can see the pic in my profile, but not in my posts.

Souphead yours works now. Maybe Admin is working to fix these, 1 by 1 ??

There appears to be a delay from the time you change your avatar and the time it shows on screen. Probably the system has to do an update. I noticed it earlier today when I changed mine.

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