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Who is our QB? Brohm, Ryan, woodson?

How about Colt Brennan

This kid is Insane!

I keep reviewing video on him and the more I watch the more I like him.

Why do I like this kid so much:

  1. He has a very quick release with a strong arm. One of the quickest and most unique releases compare to the ones that are and have been in the NFL
  2. He can read the field within seconds from left to right and right to left don't matter.
  3. Not only is he good at reading his receivers but also the defense while scanning.
  4. He hits his targets so so accurately (70+ % passing comp.).
  5. Not afraid to throw in double coverage, or in very tight places.
  6. Great touch on his passes, knows how to make the right throw on different situations. Something that is hard to teach and learn.
  7. Mobile and fast who can make accurate and smart throws while on the run.
  8. Uses his speed mostly to move within the pocket and elude defenders and escape the blitz. He is a pure Passer blessed with quickness.
  9. Did I say he has a quick release + he is very mobile? = less sacks& . Possible playmaker.
  10. Emotional and strong leader who has over come troubled past and has succeed.

Some of Brennan's achievements include:

NCAA record for most career touchdown passes (126).

  1. Achieved November 23, 2007. NCAA record for most career touchdowns responsible for (141). Achieved November 23, 2007.
  2. Tied NCAA record for most career touchdown passes by a quarterback-receiver combination (39 to Davone Bess).
  3. Achieved November 23, 2007. NCAA single-season record for most touchdown passes, achieved in 2006 (58)
  4. NCAA two-season record for most touchdown passes, (96 -- achieved 2006-2007)
  5. NCAA record for passing efficiency (season), posting a 186.0 mark in 2006
  6. NCAA record for most passing yards (two seasons) with 9,850 (2005-2006)
  7. NCAA record for most points responsible for (season) with 384. (2006)

Warrior quarterback Colt Brennan currently holds 20 NCAA records, including the career record for most games gaining 400 yards or more of total offense with another season to play.

SO HOW GOOD IS HE.. In 2006 his record year where he threw for 58 TDs and completed 72% of his passes. There were 54 drops, which would have elevated Brennan s completion percentage to 82 percent. Those weren t dropped balls that were hard to catch, either. They were right in the receivers hands.

College stats ( not so important but...)
























































Yes when you look at his stats you wonder.....They are only stats

One of the biggest obstacles he will have to overcome in the eyes of both Heisman voters and N.F.L. personnel is to prove that he is better than the former Hawaii quarterback Timmy Chang who posted Ridiculous high numbers on the "June Jone passer friendly system"

"The difference is that I don t think that Timmy Chang had the ability or the arm strength that Brennan has," said Gil Brandt, the former Dallas Cowboys executive who is an analyst for NFL.com. "He was right around 6-foot, and this guy measures at 6-2 and three-quarters. I think this guy is better than Timmy Chang was. This guy is better in every facet of the game."

Yes he is and there are plenty of experts who feels this way as well. Brennan has proved plenty over the last years.

"I could throw 70 touchdowns, but if we go 5-7 no one is going to care," Brennan said. "If I throw 30 touchdowns and go 12-0, then I think people may say that I have a shot. All I care about is winning the football games.".. Colt Brennan

Colt Brennan was a star in the "June Jones offense" tossing TD after TD. The big question about Brennan is he a quote on quote "system quarterback." Brennan fits the mold of where Kevin Kolb was selected last year and should not draw comparisons to Timmy Chang.

Yeah, Yeah! He played for Hawaii 11-0 in a very weak division ( Not worthy since he play vs bad teams, Blah Blah ) "He is a system QB " Where they love to throw the ball.

But what you have to understand is that he had lots of success in this so call "system" taking it and his game to another level. If you ask me I rather have a QB who was put in a situation where he had to play with a mediocre team with mediocre WRs and succeeded and posted jaw dropping numbers. Yes the "June Jones system" is a system where the offensive core it's passing aerial attack, where you see a QB throwing 50-70 passes a game. Something you will never see in the NFL. Even so knowing he took this system and literally owned it I can only feel comfortable knowing he has had that many experience throwing the ball.

Who would you rather take.. Some one out of college who barely threw the ball 20-30 times and succeeded or some one who threw the ball 50-70 ball and had succeeded as well?

Let me help you make your decision. For example: Roddy White was a bust last year but how could you blame him? You cant developed a WR or any type of player if you don't expose him to the game. How could reach the level he is at by getting the ball only 2-3 times a game in 06. Which maybe 1 out 2 or 2 out 3 times he dropped the ball, only hurting his confidence in his ability to play at the next level.

What's the difference now? REPETITION! They continue to throw the ball at him and with each throw he learned and adjusted, improving his game and his confidence.

Now who would you rather pick?

He has had a few issues in the past but has over come all of them& & & & .

Wait wasn t Jerry Rice too slow and not worth going on the 1st round ? Brady wasn t selected until the 6th round? The negatives can go on and on.

Can you see this guy as a FALCON? I can, Mid rounder.. Falcons will pass him and select a poster boy QB. What a shame. Or maybe a RB with JN running over 6.0 again for the second straight year. Remember McFadden Fans.. You can pick guys like him on the 3rd-4th-5th-6th round. Do I need to bring any names to remind you of this?

Forget his stats.. I'm not impress by it. But when I see video of this kid.. WOW

Give some feedback guys!!

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Colt is just as likely to succeed as any QB that we would draft in the first round. Plus, he would most likely still be available in the second round.

And for all of the people saying that he is a system quarterback - that's absolutely true. But watching his games, he makes some really sick throws that just make you say "wow." He's not going to come into the league and throw for 50 touchdowns and have a 75% completion rate or whatever, but I definitely see the potential for him to develop into at least an above-average starter in the league...

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every QB is a system QB

Tom Brady is a system QB

Tim Tebow runs the spread offense.

Every QB has to run a system. Do you think that any 3rd string QB in college could go out to Hawaii and do what Colt Brennan does?

He is a VERY good Quarterback.  and bythe way, he gets a lot of rushing yards to be slow as mollasses

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You guys keep talking about he being a 3rd rounder..

I'm telling you guy as of NOW he is consider the number 4 QB choice in the draft. Thats as of now based on speculation and theories based on the system he runs. Do some research and look for early Mock Drafts. He does not go past 2nd round, pick 15. Experts consider him top 4 QB coming out of college and possible top 2.

Thats why we have a COMBINE where player can be examine under the microscope and the player can be judge based on TALENT and NOT STATS.

Lost of player coming from small schools or underrated player, bulk up their draft pick based on their performance.

Remember this... those who can recognized Colt's talents as of now. Know by the time the Combine is over he will be a top 10 pick.

For god's sake russell was number one based on arm strenght alone and Quinn was number 2 QB choice last year. Brennan is already better than last year QBs

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Are you and the team willing to wait TWO years for tebow?  He is a sophomore and not draft eligible until 2009.

The knock on Brennan isnt on the man himself but the system he plays in.  Essentially it is the old Red Gun offense.  GM's want players from PRO type systems and we all know how well the Red gun fared in the NFL.

Remember Scott Frost?  Great QB but he played in an option system and didnt even make it as a pro player.

Brennan is massively talented but the fear is that it wont translate to the pros as well as someone who has been playing in a pro type system.

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Watching Brennan's highlights on youtube is mesmerizing.  The throws he makes are simply amazing.  I have been skeptical of him due to the run and shoot scheme that he plays in, but if Petrino was prepared to design an offense built around Vick's unique abilities, who's to say that an offense couldn't be designed around Brennan.  also draft Davone Bess who is his favorite target at UH and of course some huge o-linemen.

his sidearm release is kinda crazy looking, but hey, he delivers the ball amazingly well with that sidearm motion so I would not even try to change it when he gets to the NFL.  just make sure he has really good protection and open passing lanes and he could be dangerous

i'd rather draft Brennan in round 2 or 3, instead of Brohm/Ryan/Woodson in round 1

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I would love to have Brennan wearing a falcons jersey in 08.

but that being said, I've read somewhere (i think nfl.com) that it is the worst kept secret in football that Petrino plans on bringing Brohm up here.

Brennan will probably fall to the Vikings, who will get him, and prolly make the NFC championship game the year he starts.

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Brennam wont be available on the 3rd round if any one gets lucky he might be top 2nd rounder but i doubt it. Once you go to the Combine your stats dont mean nothing and there is where he will prove and show his talents. After the combine expect him to be top QB.

As of now he is better than last year class. Better than Quinn Better than Russell

As of right now he is not ranked over the third round on any draft boards! and with that crazy A#s delivery, he will scare many teams!.......just saying!

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You have to see beyond that.. Thats how you scout

And what pro scouting experience do you have?

Yes, there are exceptions to every rule and Brennan might just be one of those QB's who can trascend the system he plays in but then again, he might not.

History has shown that QB's in "systems" that are not pro friendly dont do so well in the NFL so you will see teams being a bit reticent in their selecting such a QB.

The guy might break every NFL record but until then teams will go after something that is less of a risk. 

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I disagree that he is another Tommy Chang, He is a system QB, but Tommy Chang did nothing but throw deep balls. Look at video. Colt Brennan is an Excellent QB, and he may be a boom or bust type. Watching his pass selection and where he put the ball, he knows how to be precise and he can throw the long ball if needed. He will be very decent QB in the NFL, June Jones groomed this kid, and I think he did an excellent Job. If he could learn to play action well, he will do very well in the NFL. Worth a second Round pick in any case.

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No, Brennan is not Chang, he's a better all around player and has quite a bit of upside. But... He is not 1st round material. For all of his stats (which are remarkable and impressive), he's got several things going against him, and unfortunately, I'm afraid the upcoming UGA / HI game is only going to give alot of people fuel because he's going to put up some impressive numbers against an 'SEC' defense that is suspect against the deep ball and has been all year.

First, he is playing in June Jones "Run and Shoot" offense, the older Falcon's fans remember how well that went in the NFL :-), despite the numbers that the play style has put up in the NCAA, particularly, the less competitive conferences. It should be noted that this Offenseive style (as we know it today) was largely implemented in the 1970's to by a coach named Mouse Davis for a college quarterback named June Jones.

The last NFL offense to use the Run and & Shoot effectively in the NFL was Warren Moon as an Oiler (under Jerry Glanville). There have been other very talented QB's to go pro in the 1st round only to flounder in the NFL that came out of Run & Shoot offenses. Two from the Univ. of Houston, Andre Ware and David Klingler.

There are variations on the Run and Shoot that have persisted, but even the most successful Pro Run & Shoot implementations failed in the post season. Spurrier's Fun & Gun is a variation, and I think we all know how that experiment turned out, and we've seen the success of his quarterback's in the NFL.

Given these factors, it is *really* difficult to support the drafting of a guy who clearly has talent, but given the other problems facing this team, is unlikely to bring enough impact short term (3 year draft contract) to make a 1st round value.

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He will take a while to adjust to the NFL. I am sure that his throwing motion will allow for alot of balls batted down at the LOS and he may be more prone to strips.

But even if he do bench him for the first year or two, he will already be 27 28 years old.

But otherwise, I do like him in the 3rd.

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I know how you feel. Im not gonna deny it but I was one of those guys who judge him based on the system he played in and often called him a "system QB"

It wasnt until I started to watch video of him I realized how talented he is.

I posted a Video of him so people could see what he can do yet people wont watch it but will comment

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You have to see beyond that.. Thats how you scout

And what pro scouting experience do you have?

Yes, there are exceptions to every rule and Brennan might just be one of those QB's who can trascend the system he plays in but then again, he might not.

History has shown that QB's in "systems" that are not pro friendly dont do so well in the NFL so you will see teams being a bit reticent in their selecting such a QB.

The guy might break every NFL record but until then teams will go after something that is less of a risk.

I think is one of the reasons that teams are going to be reticent on Brohm and Ryan as well. UofL QB's haven't faired so well in the NFL of late, Redman we know about, and Stefan Lefors is playing in Canada right now, so if the Falcon's don't take Brohm, he my freefall like Quinn did. Ryan has the tools, but he's been beating up a relatively soft ACC this year, and saturday's loss to VT really didn't help him make his case.

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