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Is Byron that bad

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No Leftwich is not bad. 

The first time he goes in, after only being on the team for 3 weeks, they are down by 1 TD and he goes 2-8 for 28 yards and 1 INT (by the way when Redman got within 1 TD he went 3-8 for 33 yards and 1 INT).  The first game he starts he goes 15-23 and 1 TD in one half and is winning 13-7 then he gets hurt (that was the Saints this weeks opponent).  The first game back from his injury he has the worst game of his career and the team had 15 rushes for 31 yards before he was pulled.

The Bucs Game comparison with Boller that week at the same point in his game with the Browns.

Leftwich - 15-27 for 107 yards 1 INT 2 lost fumbles, 1 Fumble returnd for TD, Team Rush 15 for 31.  Leftwich pulled down 24-0.

Boller --- 10-20 for 99 yards 2 INT 1 lost fumble, 1 INT returned for TD, Team Rush 17 for 72.  Boller stays in down 27-14 (one Def TD and 1 Rushing TD with 31 rushing yards on that drive (Falcons had 31 total rusing yards before Leftwich went out) then he and goes 12-21 for 180 yards and 1 TD and lead them to 3 field goals and bring the team back then they lose in OT. (by the way Harrington went 16-20 for 139 yards 1 TD but 0 field goals)

I am not saying Leftwich would have brought the team back in that game but he probably would have gotten at least on TD, Harrington didn't score until they were down 31-0 and the other teams back up QB was in.

If Leftwich were to play the final games he would probably have a 59% comp 900 yards 7 TD's and 4 INT's.

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he's not that bad. but he's the polar opposite of what is needed for THIS team.

vick (yep, i said his name) got sacked (and probably, hit) more than any qb over the previous three seasons behind this bum-assed OL (with the exception of the texans, and raiders. and, possibly, the mad martz directed combo of rams and lions over the same stretch).

this was the MOST mobile man in football.

to have byron, a virtual statue, trying to do anything behind these guys was just a disaster waiting to happen. i said that when he was picked up.

lefty could be a good backup for a squad with a stud o-line. even a very good o line. but NOT one with one of the worst if not the worst in the entire league with NO real go to receivers and no running game. that is too much to ask. the weaknesses in his game are a complete mismatch w/ the weaknesses of the team.

i think joey could qb a team in the dilfer sense. if they have a great running game and a monstrous defense, he can dink and dunk himself silly (although he bombed out in the wco -- go figure). but if you routinely plan on him throwing more than 5yd patterns? forget it.

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