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I expect that we will pickeither #3 or #4


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Since we beat the 49ers They would pick before us as it stands (of course that belongs to NE, which really chaps my hide, they should pick 32)

Rams beat us so we pick before them.

Miami picks first no doubt in my mind there.

The real question is the JETS, not sure if they win one more or not, and I am also not sure who would hold the tie break there. It may come down to they picked earlier than us last year so we may pick in front of them.

With that said. #3-#5 is too **** early to pick Brohm, but puts us in a great position for McFadden, a top notch OT, or a top notch DT. I am really torn.

I think there are a few choice here, but I think best fit for us may be.

OT or DT in first round

QB Colt Brennan in early second

#2 second we should go either best OG left or the best RB on the board (there are some really good ones that will still be available.

Then your guess is as good as mine.

I do think it would be wise to pick a K in the 4th and I like Alexis Serna from Oregon state, put that guy in a dome and he will be absolutely phenomenal, Being that he played in the Northwest, he is use to kicking in adverse weather and while he has missed a few, he is still a solid K worthy of a 4th round choice.

I am working on a mock, but my time is limited, so it may be a few days before I can finish it. As far as Colt Brennan goes, I realize he was in a system. But the guy can read defenses adjust accordingly and throws a **** of a pass. In the Washington game, he had some passes that were in the perfect area where only his receiver had a chance at it.....he is a player, I don't care where he went to school. I also like Brohm, but I don't think he should be picked before about #10, he is up and down, but I know he could pick up Petrinos offense quickly. By the way how did everyone like the way Redman looked? I had always considered him a so so QB, but he looked darn good yesterday in my opinion.

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I believe we are picking #3 this week. We will see where we end up, we very well could be at #3 or #4 as you said. However, either way we would have a shot at Jake Long, imo. So, in my newest mock draft that I finished adding the reasoning for last night (with a predicted draft order) we got Jake Long #3 and managed to trade back into the 1st round to get Brohm. What a draft that would be. You will have to see the rest of the Falcons Mock to see how I fill the LT position among others. ;)

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mr. pickle,

given most circumstances i might say you are right, however i think these are unique. i would love sedrick ellis, but i dont know if we can pick him over jake long at this point. its a hard decision to be sure. but i tried thinking of trade down ideas, and not many make sense or are even possible. so, we stay at #3 for this week at least. in my mock dorsey and mcfadden are the first 2 off the board. so, do we draft long and not worry about the RT position for a decade? do we draft ellis and upgrade our DT situation? or do we draft brohm higher than i think he will go, especially since i have him falling into the 20s.

i think we draft jake long, and take a couple huge steps to upgrading the oline THIS season. thats just me. i would not complain for even .01 seconds if we drafted ellis though.

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I think, if there is a tie, they base who picks where on strength of schedule, not who beat who. But, if they do base it on who beats who, then consider this:

The Falcons beat the 49ers, so they should pick before us.

The Rams beat the Falcons, so we should pick before them.

So that gives you something like:

1. Miami

2. SF

3. Atlanta

4. St. Louis

But, in week 2, the 49ers beat the Rams, so they would have to pick after the Rams. We can't be behind the 49ers and ahead of the Rams if the 49ers are after the Rams.

I hope all of that made sense. But I don't think it really matters, because somebody is bound to win a game over the next month. And, even if nobody wins a game, I still think they base who picks where off strength of schedule.

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I'm on the fence about Long. I agree that it's too early to draft a RT, but I suspect we'd handle him the same way the Panthers have used Jordan Gross. He would go back and forth depending on need. Gross is a great RT but only mediocre at LT. Long's better than that, I think, but there are certain DEs he would face that would force us to give him help with TEs and RBs. You hate to spend a pick that high on a guy who isn't 100% reliable on an island....BUT he's better than almost anything else we've got. Blalock and him on one side would allow us to run at will to that side.

I say again that in a perfect world, we find a way to get Sam Baker, Michael Oher or Ryan Clady to lock down the other side. I look forward to seeing NFLDS' blocker grading, but my suspicion is that Clady is going to have the highest grading of any of the upper tier OL prospects in this draft.

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i have my doubts about long playing LT too, but i dont have a big problem drafting him #3, especially if we maneuver back into the 1st to snag brohm. there are some good LT prospects that will be available in the 2nd, and if we start long at RT and play Weiner at LT, then that 2nd rounder would have time to develop.

just a thought, but im trying that on for size in my mock draft this week, so i thought id comment.

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We've got so many holes...  Am I the only one who would trade a 3 for Dallas two ones and a second round pick?  I know that there picks are going to be very late, especially with Cleveland overachieving this year, but we need as much help as we can get from both the draft and free agency.  Not saying that they would offer it, but San Francisco has Frank Gore and Miami has Ronnie Brown.  It's no secret that the Cowboys want McFadden.  I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'...

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"if Dallas would really give us both 1sts and a second, I would do it in a heartbeat."

Yup. We would have a pair of 1st round picks and three second round picks. That would give us 5 of the top ~60 picks with 4 coming in the top 45. Mock that out as something like a first four rounds of:

1-24) Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss

1-30) Sam Baker, OT, USC

2-35) Frank Okam, DT - Texas

2-45) Roy Schuening, OG - Oregon State

2-61) Chad Henne, QB - Michigan

3-66) Tavares Gooden, MLB - Miami

3-94) Matt Forte, RB - Tulane

4-99) Chris Harrington, DE - Texas A&M

That frees us up to totally reinvent the offensive line, bring in a solid QB prospect, plug the run defense, add depth at DE in case of injury to Abe and throw in a productive RB with at least 4 and more likely 5 picks to go.

An offensive line of comprised of four of Blalock, Baker, Schuening, Oher and Weiner with another backing up along with Foster and Clabo flips us from humiliating to dynamic on that unit. The only debate would be in whether McClure or Datish is the center. I think we'd put Weiner back at RT alongside Schuening with Baker and Blalock on the left while we taught Oher the plays during a redshirt season.

I want Darren McFadden, but the above is a much better Atlanta Falcons football than a draft of:

1-3) McFadden, RB - Arkansas

2-35) Frank Okam, DT - Texas

2-45) Chris Williams, OT - Vanderbilt

3-66) Chad Henne, QB - Michigan

3-94) John Greco, OT - Toledo

4-99) Spencer Larson, MLB - Arizona

I could easily live with the latter but it's readily apparent the former is night and day better. Henne's arm injury is starting to worry me, but I think our rookie QB gets a redshirt next year anyway. Shockley and somebody we bring in will be in competition to be our 2008 starter. I'm pretty sure about that.

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Hey guys gr8 job and i think we should take that ot form Mish but as far as the QB i think we could get a good QB from Matt Flynn from LSU in the 2nd or even third round Because there isnt a lot of oustanding QB's this year or maby Stick redman in there and for a year then wait till next year u know but its still to early to tell

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I dont think DAL has the interest that many think. Not to the degree of giving up 3 picks in the first 2 rounds for one guy.

I think down the road that OL could work, but if we started 3 rookies and Blaylock we would be having a stroke watching that line get mauled. Especially if Datish was in there too. I think 2 rookies, and dont even know that they would both start as rookies.

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The way I see it, Miami will pick first and will have a public relations nightmare if they do not take a quarterback, especially after last year. Woodson is the kind of guy who will rise through the offseason with his physical potential, and I see him being picked first here. After them is St. Louis, who may be looking for a quarterback without Martz to turn some nobody into a star, but I see them as going the no-frills route and taking Dorsey. The question is whether we pick above or below the Jets. With how awful their offense has been at times, they're going to look at McFadden as an immediate contributor and not necessarily as a backup to Thomas Jones, who has done alright behind such a weak offensive line, but does not provide much explosion. If they take McFadden, we will almost definitely end up with a quarterback, likely Brohm. If we pick before New York, though, it will be a tough decision and we may end up with McFadden. Long's an overrated lump that doesn't look that great against tougher Big Ten competition, which isn't saying much in comparison to, say, Oher, and I don't see us taking him with such big needs at quarterback and running back.

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Our front office will likely view Brohm as a must have pick and spend whatever pick we have on him, even if he isn't the consensus #1 QB on the board. The Eagles had Kevin Kolb as their top QB ahead of Brady Quinn last year, so it's impossible to say.

We obviously need a QB. This problem is only growing more and more evident with each passing week... I don't think our FO will skip on a guy that is literally viewed as a can't-miss for our team. If Petrino is still our head coach, as I fully expect him to be, then for better or worse I firmly believe Brian Brohm will be an Atlanta Falcon in 2008. I've had my doubts over the past couple of weeks over whether or not we are set on him... but at this point, I think we pretty much have to be. Our QB situation is an absolute embarassment.

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