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Mock Draft v1.0


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At the moment  heres where we stand

1) Miami

2)San francisco (trd New England)


1) Miami: Well with the no1 overall pick Miami has so many holes which ever top prospect they will take is going to help. So Miami will take Glenn Doresy. Dorsey's stock may have fallen slightly do to some small injury problems but he's still good enough to be taken first overall. Dorsey is extremely strong and has good size and speed. Jake Long has to also be a consideration here for the Dolphins but there defense is just so bad Dorsey would be a smart choice. But after last year who knows what the Dolphins will do.

2) New England: The best team in the NFL just seem to catch all the breaks. Here they may choose to upgrade their defense with James Laurinaitis for the ageing Bruschi. Or the may take solid CB incase Samuel does not resign. Another popular theory seems to be they go with a 1-2 punch at the RB position by taking Mcfadden. They may also trade down to continue making their franchise into one of the most dominate the NFL has ever seen. I honestly think that they will take the silly fast Laurinaitis here.

3) Atlanta: Here its a three way choice. we can decide to take the sexy option and pick Mcfadden, this is the wrong decision our oline is just not good enough to pick up a RB even if it is one of Mcfadden's quality. I would really like to take Jake Long here he is the best OT coming out this draft unless Clady and Oher declare and really step it up at the combine and Pro days. Long would be the sensible pick here as we build from the inside out and get a great run blocker and a solid pass blocker. But the most likely choice here is Brian Brohm, Petrino is still going to be around next season and has definitely been unhappy with our QB play Brohm is his boy and we will take him. he has good size a solid arm good accuracy great mechanics a terrific football IQ and has been in Petrino's system before. I think he sits most of next season and then steps in around this time maybe week 13 at the most


2a) So with a QB with the first pick we MUST go OT here there is no two ways around it. It would seem likely that one of the OT prospects falls here i would see it being Cherilus considering that Oher and Clady could go in the first as well. So we pick Cherilus, his stock has fallen of late and i believe he could slip to the second round after switching from RT to LT this season even though he has had a very good season i just have a feeling he falls. He could benched with Brohm at first as well so as to learn the system and give us time to decide whether he will play RT or LT. If he does not fall however we take chris williams another solid OT prospect.

2b) Here i'm  undecided whether to pick an ILB another big weakness or a bruising RB as Dunns replacement nd compliment Norwood. I think though ILB is a greater need upgrading our defense which has been our best unit this season and i want to see how snelling pans out he did impress me against the Colts and shows alot of potential. So here I think we pick Jonathan Goff, had an outstanding performance against Wake Forest with a career high 13 tackles (seven solos) and a pass deflection.

3a)  We need another DT here another upgrade on the defense again and i believe Frank Okam, will still be here he's either going to go late 2nd or early 3rd and i honestly think will last. This year hes had 49 tackles, 5 sacks, 16 pressures, and a forced fumble and fumble recovery. If he does not fall we go Dre Moore who i also like.

3b) (Kerney comp, who has been playing very well this season) Right so here i think we need another RB if Snelling doesn't pan out. And i think Matt Forte is our guy here his stock has risen slightly but he should still be here when we pick and i think he will compliment Norwood nicely.

4) I know now i need another olinemen, and the large Heath Benedict 6'6 and 328" he's a great RG that can also fill in at RT if needed and would suit Petrinos system very well. Guards also tend to fall and i believe **** slip from late third to early 4th.

5) I like a C here to help upgrade our oline again or as a solid backup. Jamey Richard is our man again someone who would fit Petrinos system, and as the anchor of the Buffalo line that helped the offense to score 291 points, would do nicely.

6a) Here we address the big need of K and i think that the best one for us is Art Carmody, no real info needed here a great kicker the best in the draft i believe that will be a great addition to SP and finally let us get a FG above 40yds.

6b)(Pick from Rossum) Here i think we take a gamble on Haruki Nakamura, FS from Cincinnati who has impressed me and i believe we should pick him up here he is the top defensive play maker on his team and may also move to SS. I really like him and we normally do well on late round finds.

7) Another late round flier that was mentioned to me by a friend who saw him play is Bo Ruud, i confess i know little about him but could be a solid late OLB backup but hey its the seventh there is not exactly much to loose her.

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