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Q&A with Falcons WR Roddy White


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Q&A with Falcons WR Roddy White

Has 10 catches for 146 yards on best day as a pro


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 12/02/07

St. Louis Falcons wide receiver Roddy White has developed into the team's top offensive weapon.

Given coach Bobby Petrino's musical-chairs approach to the quarterback spot, that's not a small accomplishment.

White was at it again Sunday, catching 10 passes for 146 yards, both career highs. He also made a nice grab on a 15-yard touchdown pass to start a Falcons fourth-quarter rally that came up short in a 28-16 loss to St. Louis Rams.

After his best day as a pro, White took some questions from AJC staff writer D. Orlando Ledbetter.

Q. Did the switch at quarterback help the offense?

A. Chris [Redman] came in there and got the ball out. They were doing a lot of blitzing. I guess they thought they could get after Chris when he first came in the game. He came in and got some completions. Some of us broke some tackles and got upfield and helped him out a little bit.

Q. How many times a game should they get you the ball?

A. I think I should get it 20 times, but that's my personal opinion. I think I should get it a little bit more. Get a lot more opportunities so I can go out there and make some plays.

Q. Have you proven that you're a play-maker now?

A. Yeah.

Q. How were you getting so open today?

A. They were just in man coverage, and at halftime Coach came in and challenged us. He said, "You need to get open!" You know what I'm saying? Early in the game they got a lot of pressure on us and they batted some balls down. We were open, but we didn't get the opportunity to show it. In the second half we got the ball out and kept the chains moving.

Q. You had career highs in yards and catches today. How did it feel to have such a big game?

A. It felt good. It always feels good when you have a good individual game, but it would have felt a whole lot better if we'd won the game. They gave us the opportunity to win it, but we just couldn't punch it in.

Q. What happened when Fakhir Brown stripped the ball from you?

A. I was just trying to make a play. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that nobody was in the middle of the field, so I was trying to push the guy off of me and get upfield, but he just kind of knocked the ball out.

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