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Forney healthy, but inactive against Rams


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Forney healthy, but inactive against Rams

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 12/03/07

St. Louis Falcons right guard Kynan Forney, a mainstay in the staring lineup since being drafted in 2001, was designated inactive for Sunday's game against the Rams.

For the second straight game, D'Anthony Batiste started at right guard. The Falcons' last game, against Indianapolis, Forney became ill and didn't play because of a sinus infection.

Falcons coach Bobby Petrino didn't want to discuss why Forney, a one-time Pro Bowl alternate, or safety Jimmy Williams, the team's top draft pick in 2006, were inactive against the Rams.

"I'm not going to get into that, talking about why guys are active and why they are not active," Petrino said.

Forney was not listed on the injury report all week, so he was healthy and available to play.

When asked if it was a football decision, Petrino shot back, "Yeah, it was a football decision."

Forney was one of the key cogs in the offensive line that led the NFL in rushing for three consecutive seasons. Before his Thanksgiving Day scratch, he had started 84 of 91 games.

Forney was considered by some as the team's top offensive lineman as recently as the 2005 season, when he was named an alternate to the Pro Bowl.

With Forney out of the lineup, center Todd McClure is the lone remaining starter from last season. Former guard Matt Lehr was released, and tackles Wayne Gandy and Todd Weiner are on injured reserved with season-ending knee injuries.

Quinn Ojinnaka started at left tackle, rookie Justin Blalock at left guard, Batiste at right guard and Tyson Clabo at right tackle.

Forney didn't know if the coaches were mad that he didn't play against the Colts.

"I guess it was just a decision that was made," Forney said. "I've got to support the coaches' decision."

Forney has never been inactive when he was healthy.

"It was a decision that was made, you know what I mean," Forney said.

Forney didn't like the view from the sideline.

"It was very tough," Forney said. "I wanted to be out there and playing, but you know, hey."

Forney doesn't know if he's going to return to the lineup any time soon.

"I can't even speculate," Forney said.

Batiste would not say if the coaches told him that he'd moved past Forney on the depth chart.

"I don't feel comfortable answering that question," Batiste said.

Running back Warrick Dunn said it's tough running behind a line that doesn't have a lot of NFL experience. Other than McClure, Clabo was the only player who's started an NFL game before this season.

"We have had a lot of injuries," Dunn said. "Guys have stepped in and played well. They've tried to be the best players they could be. We are just not executing, and today was an example."

Williams, a safety, was told on Saturday he'd be inactive.

"I'm not in the rotation this week. They said I haven't been playing well on special teams," Williams said. "I'm just the odd man out."

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OK, now I read the FO doesnt have much interest in re-signing Crocker, but now JW is being run out too it seems.

God, I sure hope we can (by act of miracle) land Bob Sanders.

I'd love to have Sanders, but I'm thinking he won't hit the market. Common sense says they lock him up tight.

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Well, he may be losing part of it. However, in light of the way the season's gone, is that such a problem? There seems to be a core of players who WANT to play and who will play hard no matter what. It's Petrino's job (since he's most likely going to be here next year at least) to identify the players who want to be here and the ones who don't and make moves accordingly. The season is lost; we are eliminated from playoff contention. So, he might as well see what he's got and how to rank the team's needs. It's pretty clear he wasn't happy with Forney's play (and for good reason) and if he sat out because of a sinus infection than it would seem that he's not all that dedicated, either. I was the KING of sinus infections as a kid and they can be pretty bad; however, I didn't miss any playing time unless I was running a fever and couldn't see straight (which happened). Meanwhile, you've got guys like Brooking who played with cracked vertebrae.

We're going to see a lot of turnover this offseason and it's for the best. The team is not geared for what we want to do on offense and we'll have to cut people to get people in who CAN do what we want. Seems fairly straightforward to me.


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There are a couple possibilities

1) Patrino hates Forney and he will be gone as soon as possible

2) Patrino wanted to get all the FA OL he could on the field to test them out because he knows he isnt keeping Forney

3) He likes forney and wants to preserve him for next season

4) There is something we dont know about and Forney is actually hurt.

Out of all of those id out 2 and 4 as the likely candidates.

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