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Just a few thoughts.

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I'm not exactlly sure what I expected this year, I am sure that Vick not being here didn't factor into the equation.

In any case there have been alot of positives in my mind to this point in the season.

Roddy White- Finally stepping up and being the player he can be, this is likely the result of superior coaching and Id like to think Horn has influenced him in a big way.  Either way he has turned himself around and is in my mind finally a legitimate #1.

Jerious Norwood- Always liked the guy, how can you not be in awe at that kind a speed and moves like that.  I would still like to see him start a game, i have faith in him but people are right to point out that he's never really carried a full load.  If he can handle it he is the future in my mind. (Mcfadden be damned)

Chris Houston- As far as im concerned he is having an excellent rookie campaign for a DB.  Talk about a tough position to start in as a rookie.  He has been burned a few times but what corner doesnt get beat?  Overall I think his coverage skills are decent and are improving as the year goes on.  I would expect him to be extremely solid given a year or two more to mature.

Justin Blalock- Love this guy, if we could get some more young blood on that O-line our running game would vastly improve.  He's got the body for this game and his technique is only getting better.

Chris Redman- No I do not think he is the future of this team.  He played a great game, but there is a huge difference between starting and coming in late to try to turn things around.  Even so he made some nice throws, and looked really in sync from what I saw.  I would like to see what he can do in a few more games, I think he could be a solid #2.

Michael Boley- What a beast, if he had any kind of help at MLB this defence would be substantialy better.  He makes big plays in key situations outstanding all around player.

John Abraham- Has stayed healthy(woohoo)  He really is a force of that right side, and the more teams realize that the more chances we will have for some of those other guys to step up and make plays.

And then theres...

Deangelo Hall- Don't get me wrong he has had a good season, he is definately a play maker. My worry with him is that his ego is starting to overshadow his talent.  Make all the big plays you want, but this game is largely mental, if he can't get his head outta the clouds he could cause more probelms.

Jamaal Anderson- I see people throwing around the word bust alot on these boards.  I'm gonna withhold my judgement in that dpeartment.  It seems like people expected him to come out and slap down 10 sacks in his first season.  He has had some close calls and I think he has the potential to develope into an excellent player if given the time. 

Bobby P.- First year, I'll give him a pass, but there have been quite a few questionable coaching decisions made this year.  Hopefully he gets things set straight soon. 

And at the bottom of the pile...

Warrick Dunn- Love the guy but his time has passed.  You cannot build an offense around a back who is averaging 2ish ypc.  I'm glad he got his 10,000 yards it is an outstanding milestone, but he is hurting this team.

Joey Harrington- Another guy that I was willing to give the benfit of the doubt to. He has had some glimspes of good play but overall he looks ineffective, scared and unwilling to take charge of a game.  It is fine to take advantage of short passes, but not on yoru first read.  I don't know who the guy is for Atl but it's not him. 

The O-line- Injuries and overall bad play.  That is not to say that they havent had some good games but overall they have been porus and ineffective in the run game.  I would liek to see some changes made.

Keith Brooking- Hay day is gone, its to bad because he was a probowl Linebacker. People will look at his tackles and think he is doing alright, but he has been absent on key plays.  Your middle line backer needs to be a guy who fires up your D and makes big plays when  the team needs the boost.

Well that ended up being substantilly longer than I thought it was going to be... I was tryin ta focus on the positive :).

I don't like the idea of throwing away a season to benefit next years team.  But all of the positives that I see are guys who are young and will hopeully impact this team for a few years.  Like I said, I don't like looking to the future while this season is still underway, but it's kinda hard; sometimes things have been downright painful to watch.

So to all you guys losing faith I say, meh theres always next year.....;)

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hall-much improved attitude, much improved play

anderson-tall drink of water, will get better.

petrino-will be fine, like the cut of his jib.


brooking-move back to WLB would revive career, stats.

o-line-needs to stop blowing out their knees, draft only OT's.

harrington-needs to seek counseling so that someone can convince him it IS butter, and he does suck. "i cant f---ing believe its not butter, and whats more, i cant f---ing believe i suck."

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Agree... But you can't put D. Hall in the "and then there's..." category. He is the best player on our team right now and he's also one of the youngest. The fact that he is 24 and being mentioned in the same breath as guys like Al Harris and Champ Bailey speaks volumes. The guy had ONE overemotional game against the Panthers, I hardly call that "ego problems."

Calling out Petrino was a sentiment that not only he felt, but many veterans in the locker room did. Several media outlets have cited that when there was a rift in the locker room more players were siding with Hall and Crump than with Coach Petrino.

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Don't get me wrong about Hall, I think he is an outstanding player and he does make big plays.  You're right, he has only had one "over emotional" game this year, but what would you think if that were to happen in a playoff game?  His skill is evident, his maturity is not.  He may have turned a corner(and I hope he has) after clearing things up with Bobby but the year is not over.

As for him being the best player on the team, I am going to have to disagree.

He is deifnately having a good season, but guys like Roddy and Boely are having better years in my mind.  Again I am not trying to take a shot at Hall' ability, just as far as I'm concerned some other guys have been more itegral to the limited success that we have had.

I guess I'm just taking a more "wait and see" approach with him.

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