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Official BCS Selection Show

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Jimmy & Barry speaking the truth about USC being the best & no one wants to face the Dynasty.

Im praying we get Georgia, the best team in the SEC so we can end the SEC kills the Pac 10 talk for a couple yrs.

If Hawaii gets in Im gonna puke.

This is the game I am hoping for. Two of the hottest teams in the country playing each other.

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I have also had my suspicions about UGA getting paired up with Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl.... so last night, I went into NCAA Football 2008 and set it up. :D

I played the Dawgs, of course... and Hawaii came out gunning it, but in the end UGA STOMPED DAT ##### 42-23 and Knowshon punched in 3 TDs with about 210 yards.  :cool:

I hope UGA isn't in the Sugar Bowl... the Rose Bowl will still have dibs on the first at-large team if the title game is OSU vs LSU.  Not that I don't want us to play Hawaii... it's just not the best matchup, in my opinion.

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