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WooHoo , Jamaal Anderson

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in ,  fact, even the Dolphins LDE has .5 sacks

wanna know what round he was drafted in????  HE WASNT

wanna know how many games hes started???  7

so an undrafted player , with only 1 year of experience,  with the worst team in the league on possibly the worst D in the league , with less playing time,  has more sacks  and MORE TACKLES

i'm tired of the excuses for this guy

ohh just wait he will produce, hes a top 10 pick

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Im glad no one on this board is in the FO.....

Give the kid some time.....Hes extremly RAW....he knows he needs to do more....let him get to that point.....its not lke we have the best DL right now either.....

I agree. Those who are calling for JA's head are clearly idiots. Let's see what the kid does next year after a full year in the league. And to those who claim we needed Okoye...how pathetic. Okoye is a DT, NOT a DE which we badly needed.

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I have mentioned this before, but has anyone besides me noticed....

I see Abraham taking a knee along the sidelines regularly in games while the D is on the field. Does JA ever get a breather? I actually think he's on the field for every defensive snap. I wonder if he might not need a breather or two like Abraham gets. It's no excuse or anything, but I do wonder if he isn't getting too much work.


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I constantly hear people comparing Jamal to Mario Williams, Osi Umenyora, and Michael Strahan, all guys who struggled their rookie years. However, there is no comparison between the players, they are completely different.

Mario Williams was a three year starter at NC State, and was a machine almost the entire time. He was very much worth the #1 overall pick, struggled his first year, but most people didn't know he also played with a foot injury most of the season. Umenyora and Strahan didn't have a lot of sacks their rookie years, but neither came into the league as starters. Also, they were always on the dline in college as well.

Jamaal on the other hand was a WR until two years ago. You pluck this guy out of college while he's still learning how to play DE in the college game, you all of a sudden expect him to play in the NFL. It is going to be a long while before Jamal gets this. The technique is simply not there right now, and will not be for quite a while. I'm not trying to pile on him, he is a very nice guy. Hopefully, Jamal will get it, but in my humble opinion I think it will take him at least two years before he resembles anything close to a dominant defensive end.

I know hindsight is always 20/20, however this is proof you simply cannot draft for need in the top 10. The top 10 picks are only to be used on the best players available, period. I will never pretend that I have the talent to be a NFL GM, but at this point I don't think that player was Jamaal. Someone brought up a good point here a while ago, and that was, "If Patrick Kerney resigned with us, would Jamal be on this team?" I can't help but ask the same question.

Hopefully I'm wrong and he dominates for us next year, but it doesn't look like he'll be doing that anytime soon. 

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