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Redman is NOT the answer. Quit fooling yourselves.


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I'd rather play Redman and see if there is anything there then play Harrington when you know he is garbage.

As sad as it is, Redmans the best available option at QB. Harrington has played poor all year. A pocket passer who throws for 50%, 7/8 TD/INT, 3-9 with him as the starter/majority QB.

He had one 300-yard game... One... He's had five games with more INT's then TD's and 2 games with neither.

What do you have against starting someone other then Harrington? Redman had better numbers then him against the same defense with 10 less attempts. And the team sparked with him in there.

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Guys is really isn't that complicated.

We were getting our teeth kicked in.

Joey made a handful of garbage throws.

Patrino called Redman's number.

Redman led us down the field for 2 TD's and made a game of it all.

Many fans actually had something to cheer for today.

When people cheer and feel good about something they want to see more of it.


We want to see Redman before Harrington and Leftwich.

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Wait until he starts getting blitzed for real. There's a reason he hasn't played in 4 years.

Right now we have nobody at QB. Redman has two good drives and then shows us why he's third string.

There was also a reason why Favre and Romo didn't start their first few seasons. B/C the chance never arose. You must be an idiot to think being a career backup means a guy can't be a star once given a chance. History has proven you wrong so many times it's almost sad you would even make the comments you have so far.

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