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as much as we would like petrino to be a genius....I dont think that is going


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Jerious Norwood89411.8036
Warrick Dunn10171.706

There is one reason,

 said before the season Dunn would be worthless in this offense,


 he goes out and does nothing all year, except for the Shotgun Draws,



the SD didnt work,

Snelling 0 carries, 

Petrino is suppose to be a great offensive mind, give me a break!

Dunn will still play next week,

I wish someone would collect all the -2 yarder from  Dunn this season and make a video to send to Petrino!

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  don't understand the disdain for Petrino in this first year.

He was dealt some shtty cards. I think he should get a pass for this season.

The jury is definitely still out on Petrino in ATL

Can't let him pull what some of us think are bone headed moves and not comment on them- that's what the board is all about.  New Orleans was dealt some bad cards last year and before and look what their rookie coach accomplished....


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Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.

It is what the negatives live for a... prediction to come true. I am still not sure what they think they are winning by being right.

I did my best to give Petrino the benefit of the doubt. Still can't believe how cowardly he left.

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