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Petrino - Joke of a "head" coach

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"This is so comical bringing in Redmond.  Seal the 2nd draft pick up "

Petrino is trying to WIN, that's why Redman is in. Harrington has stunk today and the announcers have made it clear how bad some of his throws are. Opposing D's are not scared of Joey to throw deep because he is incredibly inaccurate doing it.

We need a franchise QB. DRAFT BROHM!

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That granny in your avatar is obviously a communist. Are you communist? If so, you're just as bad as Petrino. For shame, cnasty, for shame.

What are we talking about?

Oh, Petrino. Yeah, he was horrible. Don't remind me. No sense in looking back at the past. It's over now.

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