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Why can't everyone use the new boards???

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My original SN is GrrrillaPmp

I was one of the first to get my email to "seamlessly" migrate to the new Falcons life site.

Since I have had a falcons life page for sometime now I thought it would be a cake walk like the mods promised, of course it wasn't.

As far as the Falcons life thing goes I guess everything was working fine. But when the new boards popped up I couldn't log on. Every time I would put my email and password it would just say welcome guest.

I tried everything suggested. Change password, reset password, blah blah blah.

So I had to resort to creating this bogus account which in no way is associated with my Falcons Life page, does that not defeat the whole purpose?

So my question is, am I the only one this is happening too? I remember a couple of users were having the same problems on the old boards but now I see some of them are posting.

I would go and just look for the information myself but since these boards are running so flawlessly I guess they decided to get rid of the old boards.

So, in conclusion...Can everyone except me login? Is this problem being worked on? Are is there something that I am just doing wrong?

I know it is not my computer or firefox because I am making this post using booth.

PS. I doubt I'll be able to respond to this thread because I am almost certain that once i log out i won't be able to log back in. This is like my 3rd attempt at an account just to get this question answered. All the other accounts would log me in, but if i logged out it would tell me i don't have "permission to use this community"

I would just go through the process of registering this account fully but I used some email address i don't know the password for and since my main e-mail is already registered I can't use it to create a new account.

Thanks, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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