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Draft Davone Bess


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monson007 (12/8/2007)
Bump until Bess is drafted.
Are you bumping until the 2009 draft? It really makes no sense for him to come out now. If he's as good a receiver as a few people believe, then he can really improve his draft status by staying. Hasn't been good juju lately for juniors who are not expected to be day 1 picks to jump into the draft.
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monson007 (12/9/2007)
Colt Brennan is moving on to the NFL. Bess is ready to follow him. It does not help him to stay in Hawaii for another year. The time is now and the time is now for the Falcons to draft him.

Get over your man crush for them. What are they butt buddies? They have to do everything together? It would do Bess good to stay and play his senior year, it could help his draft status a lot. I doubt we pick either of them. I will say that Bess is a monster for YAC though.

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Bess will not have the best quarterback throwing to him in college in anymore with Brennan going. Of course he is coming out this year.

The Falcons should pick Jake Long 1st

Brennan, 2nd, and Bess 3rd. They can get Rivers in the sixth.

Make it so McKay. Help your career out.

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