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Mock Draft 1.0


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IMO we are in for a hectic off-season in O8. McKay will definitely be feeling the pressure to produce, so I believe we will be very active in the FA market. I'm not going speculate on all potential FA signings as of yet, but I strongly believe that our biggest splash in FA will be on an impact OT. I do not believe that McKay or Petrino will want to chance not having a veteran OT on next years squad after this years dismal offensive output.

I think we will be deciding between two FA OTs: Flozell Adams, OT Dallas Cowboys and Max Starks, OT, Pittsburgh Steelers. Personally I think Flozell is our pick. He's 32, coming off of an established and dominant veteran who will be UFA. IMO the cowboys let him walk as they have Pat McQuiston and Doug Free waiting in the wings. Both are younger, cheaper and have high ceilings. Additionally you could see the Cowboys moving Leonard Davis, who's finally living up to his original high draft status, over to LT.

Both Adams and Starks are huge (6'7" and 340 and 6'8" 340 respectively), which definitely fits the mold of the type of OLmen that Petrino wants. Why would we pick Adams over Starks, you ask? For several reasons:

#1 Flozell is a proven commodity; Starks is not. Look at Romo's numbers--nuff said.

#2 Starks is much younger at 25, but he can't even beat out Willie Colon, a second year man from Hofstra. I don't think McKay dare chances a potential FA bust after the last couple of years

#3 Adams is 32, and probably has 3-5 years at least of good football ahead of him. That will allow us the luxury of developing young talent behind him, and not feeding a draft pick to the wolves and hoping they can protect Harrington (you'll see why I have tabbed him a starter)

#4 It's a much easier transition from college to the NFL at the OG position. I think Forney is gone at RG, but I disagree with other posters that think Alan Faneca will be our priority FA target. For one thing he's too light at 307 for Petrino's taste. I think we will draft Forney's replacement, plug him like we did Blalock.

Another position I think that we look to fill via FA is the Safety position. Dallas Cowboy Ken Hamlin will be an UFA. The cowboys probably will try to sign him long term, but at 26 and one of the best FSs available, Hamlin may shop himself to the highest bidder, however, he may be to pricey for the Falcons.

Another intriguing FA would be the Pats FS/CB Randall Gay. He has been a versatile player for the Patriots making starts at both FS and CB as needed. A former UDFA, G ay may be looking to cash in and the Patriots may let him walk, as they have a great history of developing cbs and safeties. G ay would be an improvement over Crocker IMO and if Darren Stone may be ready to step into the SS position next year providing an enforcer type athlete in the secondary.

One thing is certain. We have a lot of holes and we could use about 15 draft picks to fill them all. One thing i emphasized in this mock, particularly in the OL picks, was versatility. We need depth at all OL positions badly. So all of my OL picks have the ability to play multiple line positions.

That being said, onto my mock. For my initial mock, I am introducing no trades at all and assuming that we receive a 4th round compensatory pick for Kerney (might be a 3rd, don't know). I'm also assuming that we beat St. Louis (I'll be at the game wearing a Deion Sanders throwback) and have the 5th pick in the first round. Another assumption I am positing is that NE Patriots will be picking 3rd overall (via San Fran). If my assumptions particularly the initial draft order is off, then this mock will need revising. Here are our projected picks:

Round 1

Round 2

Round 2(From Houston)

Round 3

Round 4

Round 4(Kerney)

Round 5

Round 6

Round 6(Rossum)

Round 7

It's important to point out that it's way too early to do a completely credible mock, as many of these players will rise and fall based upon combine results and team needs. So I simply drafted in areas that I felt that we were weakest at. Also a lot of SEC players in my mock--not out of homerism---there is just that much talent in the SEC.

Round 1:

#1 Miami Dolphins: Glenn Dorsey, DT LSU


--The Dolphins have a fine nucleus of offensive players in Ronnie Brown, John Beck, Ted Ginn and Lorenzo Booker (watch this guy next year). They also have bookend OTs in Vernon Carey and LJ Shelton. Prior to injury, Brown was on pace for something like 1500+ yds rushing and 700-800 yds receiving, so the offensive line can block. Much like us they lost their starting QB and were decimated by injuries. Look for the dolphins to do well offensively in their second year under Cam Cameron.

However, their defense is atrocious and aging. They need playmakers and youthfulness to even hope to be competitive. Dorsey makes the most sense. He's the best overall collegiate defensive player in the draft. He's tough (playing with injuries now), demands double and even triple teaming, is a proven run-stopper who can also chase down the QB and/or ball carrier. This guy is flawless.

No brainer, this is the pick.

#2 New York Jets: Chris Long, DE UVA


--The jets run a 3-4 defense but do not have the right personnel to make it work. What better way to start rebuilding with the best 3-4 DE, and quite possibly the best overall DE, in the 08 Draft. Long is an instant starter, and potentially provides Eric Mangini with his own version of Richard Seymour. 6'4" and 290 lbs, Long has the size and strength and bloodlines to be a dominant 3-4 DE; he also has the versatility to line up as a 4-3 DE which will allow the Jets to use multiple defensive formations.

There is the slightest possibility that the Jets could nab Darren McFadden--but I don't think so. They have a lot of cap dollars tied up in HB Thomas Jones, who is backed up by a very talented Leon Washington. Although Jones has yet to score a TD, he is on pace to finish with over 1100 yds. rushing--that's amazing considering the lack of a passing game and all of the 8 and 9 men fronts that the Jets face. I believe that Kellen Clemons in his second year will provide the strong armed vertical passing game that the Jets lacked in Chad Pennington. If Clemons continues to improve, Jones and Washington should see the running lanes open up quite a bit.

The Jets' defense on the other hand, needs a playmaker like Long, who'll be an instant starter and game changer.

#3 NE Patriots: Darren McFadden, RB Arkansas


--It is diffilcult to write this and simultaneously choke back the vomit rising in my throat. What needs does an unstoppable juggernaut have in the draft? Particularly with the 3rd overall. Guess what they draft the best rb prospect in years, Darren McFadden. The duo of Maroney and McFadden makes the Pats completely unstoppable. Blessed with blistering speed and great hands, this kid can line up all over the place: HB, WR and even single wing QB--the world is unfair. If for some reason the Pats go defense here, which I doubt, although JAMES LAURINAITIS LB from Ohio State is a possibility due to the aging Tedy Bruschi; odds are the rich get richer and the pats grab McFadden and average 60 points a game offensively in 08.

#4 St. Louis Rams: Jake Long, OT Michigan


--Seems odd a team with Orlando Pace would draft an OT this high, however, Pace hit the IR this year and the team suffered horribly as a result. An 11 year vet, but still only 32, the rams choice of draft pick will be dictated by his recovery and desire to play longer. Regardless, I see Long as the pick due to Pace only participating in 9 games since 05.


#5 Atlanta Falcons: Brian Brohm QB, Louisville 6'4" 224 lbs.


--Sorry for all those clamoring for an OT here, but the writing is on the wall. The only way that the Falcons don't draft Brohm is if Petrino returns back to the collegiate ranks. The good news is that this kid is special. He has thrown for over 4,000 yds and 30 TDs on a far less talented Louisville team than in years past. Additionally, McKay and Petrino have to establish a new face for the franchise post Vick, and Brohm knows and has succeeded in Petrino's offense, which means it's possible that he'll be starter immediately just like Peyton Manning was as a rookie.

Speaking of Peyton, Brohm reminds me a lot of him. Great bloodlines and highly intelligent. While Matt Ryan will perform better at the combine (remember Ryan Leaf) Brohm will be the better professional.

Round 2: Michael Oher OT, Ole Miss 6'6"325


--I think Oher is this draft's Justin Blalock. An accomplished OG and OT with athleticism and bulk. And like Blalock, a lot of teams will project him as OG so he'll slip due to prospects like Jake Long, Sam Baker, Ryan Clady, and Jeff Otah who are more the traditional NFL OT types. His slipping is our gain. We get a prospect who can start at RG, in place of Forney, if we sign Adams like I suggested and go with Weiner another year. Or he could be our RT. **** it's possible that Renardo Foster, who looked very good prior to season-ending surgery, is our starting RT. Either way he gives us bang for our bucks as he is versatile, huge and mean.

Round 2: Ray Rice RB, Rutgers


With Dunn certain to be a goner, and the coaching staff's apparent belief that Norwood is not an everydown back, look for us to draft a rb. In the first round look for McFadden, Jonathan Stewart, Felix Jones (if he declares) and Steve Slaton all to go before the 5'9" 200 lbs Rice. We'll snatch him early. While smallish he's powerfully built, and if you all remember Emmitt Smith was his size--he did ok, don't you think? Rice is also durable having carried the ball 335 times last year and 345 times this year. Rice also has nice hands and is very good at the goal line amassing 20 TDs each of the last year. And Petrino knows all about him, having played in the Big East. A running back tandem of Norwood and Rice would solidify the Falcons for the next four years.

Here's a stat for you all to ponder. In 06 Rutgers spoiled Louisville's bid for a national championship by winning 28-25; guess who Louisville's coach? That's right Petrino. All Rice did was carry the rock 22 times for 131 yds and 2 tds. Plus we have Mughelli and Snelling for short yardage desired--although I think Rice would eat all goal line carries.

Round 3 Jacob Tamme TE, Kentucky


At 6'5" 240 lbs, Tamme could stand to gain a little more bulk. But he has outstanding speed with a 4.5 40 and great hands. Algae Crumpler has been injured as of late, and could be trade bait or an outright cut as him and Petrino do not seem to mesh. If Martnez Milner can continue to improve, the addition of Tamme would give the Falcons two athletic pass-catching TEs. Tamme could even be utilized as a 4th or 5th wr in spread wide sets.

Round 4 : Jonathan Goff ILB, Vanderbilt


--If there is one thing that McKay excels at it is drafting LBs in the rounds 4 and later. And it seems like every year someone slips and he nabs them (think Boley) Goff is 6'4 230 and runs around a 4.79--ample speed for MLB. There are some concerns about his coverage skills, but the Falcons have Boley and Nicholas and potentially DMO who are all ball hawks. This kid is a player and he's smart. What will be interesting is what the Falcons do with Keith Brooking. If Brooking stays look for Goff to play STs and be in the rotation; if Brooking is cut--he could compete for a starting job.

Round 4(Kerney) : Eddie Royal WR/PR, Va Tech. 5'10" 184

-- Game breaking returner, and WR who can make the big plays. However he has an injury history and with his small frame projects to a #3 wr in the NFL. Good bye Adam Jennings. Could project to an Az Hakim type wr.

Round 5: Nick Hayden DT, Wisconsin:

--6'5" 301


--Nice size for our 4-3 base, has excellent technique and pass-rushing abilities. Excellent against the run and smart. Will be in the rotation immediately.

Round 6 : Brandon Coutu, K Georgia

--Those of you that have been on the boards awhile know I hate drafting Kickers, but the Morton Anderson experiment has to end. Lest any of you think we draft Art Carmody chew on this : he's only hit 2 of 5 beyond 40 yds. Coutu has a powerful leg making a long of 58 yds and can handle kickoff duties, which could save the leg of Michael Koenen for punting only

Round 6(Rossum) : Fernando Velasco OG/C, UGA


-- 6'3" 318 lbs and can play OG or C. Provides nice depth and is stout at Point of attack. Could compete with Datish and/or McClure for starting position or provide a very versatile backup

Round 7: Breno Giacomini OT/TE

--6'7" 300 lb athlete who plays both TE and OT. Might be more of a project than anything else. But if he sticks to the roster could prove to be a great asset from purposes of both depth and versatility. Could be very useful in 2 TE sets in red zone situations as both blocker and eligible WR.

Well I apologize for the length, and hope that it is a good read. I look forward to reading your comments. Thanks in advance, Mike.


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Enjoyed the read man. I like all of the picks except for the wide receiver kid in the 4rth. I believe that our o-line is so depleted that we have to spend as many picks as possible beefing it up. You did saturate the draft with good o-line picks but I would use that 4rth round pick to grab one too.

Some people might flame you for Brohm with the first pick but I won't. We need a long-term answer at QB and while I'm a bigger fan of Woodson than Brohm, I understand the reality of our situation. If Petrino stays (and I believe he will) he will want to grab Brohm with that pick. I can live with that. I believe that Brohm will be a good pro quarterback.

Really good job....One of the better thought out and reasoned mock draft posts I have ever read on here.

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Good read, nice job.

Adams is looking more and more like a potential pickup via free agency. He would immediately upgrade the position and adds veteran experience. He has some good years left in him.

Selecting a franchise quarterback in the first is the way to go and Brohm seems like the logical pick. I really like Brohm's consistency throughout his collegiate career and his latest comeback performance against Rutgers adds validation. He has a quick release and the ability to make all the necessary passes accurately.

I would love if Oher slipped into our spot in the second. That would be insane! If he declares, I believe he'll have strong workouts and work himself into the first. He is a definite top 10 pick next year if he stays at Ole Miss. Here's to wishful thinking.

Good mock.

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Looks good, personally I like Brennan as QB prospect and would rather wait and take him in the second. I like the picks I like the Idea. I really like Michael Oher except i think he will be viewed as a Tackle prospect more so than Blaylock ever was. But very good draft none the less and I would be happy with that on draft day.

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I do not really like the idea of obtaining someone that you coached in college. Remember Nick Saban drafting Travis Daniels? Remember Steve Spurrier signing Jaquez Green to a FA deal while he was coaching the Redskins? Neither of those moves has really panned out.

I am not saying anything negative about Brian Brohm. He is a very good college QB. Will he be a good NFL QB? Nobody can really answer that question.

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I do not really like the idea of obtaining someone that you coached in college. Remember Nick Saban drafting Travis Daniels? Remember Steve Spurrier signing Jaquez Green to a FA deal while he was coaching the Redskins? Neither of those moves has really panned out.

I am not saying anything negative about Brian Brohm. He is a very good college QB. Will he be a good NFL QB? Nobody can really answer that question.

With Brohm i don't see that situation. His mechanics are solid and he is rated at least top 10 by most clubs out there. Spurrier's scheme just didn't work in the NFL. We'll see if Petrino's will. Daniels is a pretty good player

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The citadel's being very kind to me for the most part. I went through the rough year already... I have no idea whether or not I'm allowed to even be postign on this new board or not but I asked nicely if I can come back and I'm a lot anymore chilled out than I was so we'll see... um, no... I'm not even a mod on FF anymore. it's all good though, I have much more important things to do... like Civil Engineering HW... haha

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