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The Official Screw Choke Ryan Thread

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not only have we all been saying this dude is garbage forever while idiots like Pitt/ATl have been suckin him of daily.

now this idiot tells Grease yesterday when Grease asks him "Hey they need a QB in Atlanta" he says "No thanks"

like we wanted your choke artist, overrated ##### anyways.

loL@ 0tds & 2 Int's against the only real defense he played this whole year

I pray this dude goes somewhere we can beat on him yearly.

smh@ any of you Ryan Huggers wanting us to draft a scum bag like this

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I don't like the fact he just flat out said "No", but that doesn't make him a scumbag.

I think it does. I can understand that we might not be his 1st choice, but to me it says he isn't confident in his abilities to play for any team. I want someone who can come in here with a winning attitude and be a leader. Matt Ryan doesn't look like that guy.

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His words could cost him come draft day. In my opinion, it should be a honor to play in the NFL. I hope to see him regret saying this about a team that needs a QB. I say Blank will want someone that wants to be here over a spoiled young QB that thinks he has a choice. I think Brohm is the pick if we go QB.

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If Matt Ryan doesn't want to play for the falcons that is fine with me. I always wanted Colt Brennan (and Devone Bess) anyway. Wow it was fun watching him zip the ball around tonight to complete the perfect season against a decent Washington defense (Coach willingham always has a good defense). I don't care that he plays in the WAC, the guy is a baller that can throw the ball (I am sure the steelers fans could care less where Big Ben played because he is a baller as well). Brennan is accurate, mobile, tough, has a quick release, and a strong arm to make every throw (My jaw dropped when he threw the bomb to tie the game). This is the guy I want to be our next franchise QB so we can draft the best LT available with our first pick in the draft. It will be interesting to see if our front office thinks highly of him enough to pass on drafting Brohm. I sure hope so

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