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ESPN reporting Miles heading to Michigan


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Sources have told ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit that barring any unforeseen circumstances, Michigan will announce early next week it has reached an agreement with LSU coach Les Miles to be its next head football coach.

Herbstreit is also reporting that Miles will make Georgia Tech defensive coordinator and interim head coach Jon Tenuta part of his staff at Michigan.

Miles, who played at Michigan and served two stints as an assistant under the late Bo Schembechler, will succeed Lloyd Carr, who stepped down after the Wolverines' loss to Ohio State last month.

Miles has been head coach at LSU since 2005. LSU is 32-6 with Miles at the helm, including 22 wins in his first 26 games as coach, and won 11 games in 2005 and 2006. The No. 7 Tigers (10-2), whose two losses this season both came in triple overtime, will play Tennessee in the SEC Championship Game on Saturday.

Miles also coached at Oklahoma State, posting a 28-21 record between 2001 and 2004, and was tight ends coach for the Dallas Cowboys between 1998 and 2000.

Miles has a 60-27 overall record in seven seasons as a head coach

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mayb ole ball coach will go to Ole miss, because im tired of all these really good coaches in the east, and he might go, but ABC said it was because people talked about it before he happened. Mich has been known to pay thier HCs Cheap, and if they know he is going to go, then they might pay him less. No one wants to get paid less, BUT i hope he leaves, because if he does, then LSU will be messed up for next year. helping us win the Nat Champ, because they will be learning a new system.

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No, he's not. But I think he most likely would have wanted to. IMO Kirk Herbstreit (SP?) should have his azz kicked for his little stunt today. He showed absolutely ZERO regard for what his words were going to do to the LSU players. He was so anxious to "get the scoop" and prove how much of an insider he is that he just had to open his mouth. I normally like Kirk and I enjoy the Gameday show. But someone with ESPN should publically take him to task for his little screwup here.

According to Miles he had not even spoken to Michigan yet so there's no way he could have agreed to take the job already. I think Kirk had it on good authority that Michigan was going to offer him the job and he assumed that Les would accept it. And I actually think Les would have gone too. But when Kirk said that on national television Saturday morning he basically forced Miles to come out and have a press conf. in order to calm his team.

If Kirk would not have done the stupid thing he did today I think Les was more than likely going to take the job if it was offered. Now that Mizzou and WVU have lost I don't think Miles would have accepted the job had it been offered to him next week because LSU is very likely to go to the NCG. But I have absolutely no doubt that Kirk screwed this up in an effort to show off how "connected" he is to the behind the scenes activities of NCAA football. He should be ashamed of himself for doing that.

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