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The Alcohol Consumption Tally Thread


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Yes Folks, Falcons Life was born today & It is my belief that fans of losing teams drink more, Don't believe me check out the Cardinals fan base.

Anyway Since it's a brand new Board, I figured we can keep track of those PWI (Posting while Intoxicated) and we'll keep it alive as long as we can.

But, No Cheating, No lying just post a total of alcoholic beverages consumed since This site was born at Roughly 4PM EST 11/30/07

And to start off.

I entered work today with a 1.75 liter bottle of Captain Morgan (yes I have a great job while it lasts, but it won't last long )

and since 4pm

1 Liter is gone

Clown's YTD total

1 Liter Captain Morgan

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Note to the AFMB and alcohol lovers everywhere. I have vowed to be the most drunk falcon fan in the nation next monday. I'm going to be finished with exams monday afternoon and then will proceed to watch the New Orleans Aints likely embarrass our falcons on national TV. Is anyone else planning on getting flat out hammered next Monday night?

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