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What offseason moves would you make if you were the GM????


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Well let's see, I'd start by trying to work a deal with the Patriots to trade DLO straight up for Asante Samuel if they would go for it.  They are both having good years and both pretty unhappy with thier current teams, so it is possible.

Then I'd trade Alge if I could get anything for him, cut Brooking, cut Milloy, cut Dunn, cut Horn, cut Gandy, cut Leftwich, and cut Coleman too if it looks like he is never going to be healthy again.  It's time to fully accept that it's rebuilding time.

I'd try to resign Demmorrio if we can get him to stop running into the punter.

The first three picks would ideally look like this:

Jake Long, Colt Brennan, Phillip Wheeler - although I don't know that any of those players will be available when the Falcons pick in those positions, it is certainly possible that all 3 would be.

The rest of the draft I would concentrate on picking linemen - a center, a guard, and a DT, maybe two DTs.

Yeah, that looks about right.  Time to rebuild.

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*Completely rebuild the safety position. I like Milloy, but he's not getting any younger. Crocker is a joke! And, not sure what to make of Jimmy Williams.

*Contract extensions for Boley and D. Hall.

*Completely rebuild the 0-line, except for Blalock and maybe Forney

*Do something (anything!) about QB.

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Trade DeAngelo Hall to the Colts for there first round pick in 09..(first make a reasonable offer like (7 years 68 mil) 20 mil signing bonus ..If he declines look to trade him to a team that needs him the most..The Colts after they lose to the Pats in the Afc Championship game they are going to look at there secondary that let them down and what can they do to help cover the Pats weapons..well adding D Hall for a firt round pick should seal the deal


Then start building the oline mostly in Free agency would love to add a guy like Max Starks

and a guy like Jordan Gross....

bring in a guy like Drayton Florence to fill in for the missing corner spot of DHall

Then sign Billy Volek who can hold the ship down fit a Petrino style =offense

good arm gets the ball downfield and can open up the game plan...Joey can stay as a backup and we start to groom Brian Brohm ..Yes there are some downsides but he looks to be the real deal at QB

The draft

Brian Brohm -let him sit and learn while Voilek holds the fort

use Indy 09' first round pick and some later round picks to move up and draft FS Kenny Phillips

2 -2nd round picks can be used on a MLB/OT

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