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How do you update sigs?

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To edit your sig do this.

At the top of this page Click on Message Boards (in black)

or go to this link


Click on the Word Home in Red at the top left side of that page in the white area.

Then after the page updates, on the top right click the Forum Settings in Red.

When that updates you will see the Edit Sig location on the left side, then go for it.

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I tried updating my sig. When I put in what I want and click "update" it says "succesfully updated," then I scroll down and it shows "no signature available." And how do I change viewing options, such as if I want to view 50 posts per page instead of 10?

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 I have seen that response lag as well. I saw something about the cache being updated slowly, or something to that effect. Anyway, after you make the changes and save, give it a few minutes, refresh and then you wil see the updated sig in the Edit Sig page, it still may take a few minutes for the posts to be updated, again, right now we got to cut the Mods some slack while they work all the kinks out.

Patience is worth a TON during this time but it is gonna be well worth the wait.

Late Friday night you could go to most pages in the forums and refresh and a different numvber of posts would display, sometimes on short threads it would say 3 replies, refresh and it would say six replies, refresh again and it would say 2 replies, then back to six, then back to 3. Weird I know but we got to give these guys time right now, expect the weird for a few days. Hey, we have been doing "weird" all this seasson, this just breaks up the regular routine a bit.

But what the hey, the Speil Checker wurks now!

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I uploaded mine from the PC, the URL didn't work but storing the sig locally is faster anyway plus it isn't dependant on the link being up.

So you uploaded the pictures into the "My Photos" section and then linked the images in your sig that way?

I'd like to know that as well.

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