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Post Count Problems?

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Yeah, there are still a lot of bugs to be fixed, which is sort of expected. I made a post not 5 minutes ago and when I went back into the thread, my post had vanished.

It also says I've made 275 posts here and am a Senior Member, so I'm a bit confused. Not that I have any complaints, lol.

I'm sure it'll all get figured out.

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I did a little research and found out that the 77 posts that it says that I have exactly corresponds to the number of posts of mine that were moved over to the new forum. I post pretty regularly, and the earliest post of mine that was moved was from 10/15/2007. So I assume the number of posts that are reflected in our profiles is the number of posts that we have (both ported and new) on these boards. Your status (senior member, newbie, etc.) is calculated by this post count.

However, the Mod said in another thread that he was gonna work on this later, so I wouldn't worry about it...

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Well, the real reason we're all newbies and we have such small post counts is because they deleted all the previous threads and responses that were pointless and didn't advance the subject conversation. In langman's terms, they deleted all attempts we previously made to pad our post counts. :w00t::D:P:Whistling:


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