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Awesome Mock! Great Scenerio and Realistic Analysis!

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I recently saw a convincing post by another member who gave a possible scenario where the cowboys send us their two 1st rounders (24 and 31) for DeAngelo Hall.  The point system has their first rounders equalling to about the first round picks 10 - 9 range. DeAngelo was a number 8 overall pick.  This means they still won't be giving max value, because he has panned out into being worth a number 8, but it is a good situation for both teams.  The two picks being signed at 24 and 31 will not command as much money as DHall would giving us more money and 2 more first rounders. The cowboys would instantly upgrade the only weak area of their defense and DHall would be the Deion Sanders of our era.  Deion wouldn't have wanted to stay here either.  DHall would fulfill Jerry Jones hunger for stars at every position more than any player they could get at 24 and 31.  Now onto the offseason...<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Players Re-signed:

Michael Boley, OLB

Chris Crocker, S

Tyson Clabo, OG

Chauncy Davis, DE

DeMorrio Williams, OLB

Players Retired:

Morten Anderson, K

Joe Horn, WR (or cut later)

Wayne Gandy, OT

Players Released or Not Resigned:

Byron Leftwich, QB

Chris Redman, QB

Warrick Dunn, RB

Brian Finneran, WR

Quinn Ojinnaka, OT

Artrose Pinner, RB

Lewis Sanders, CB

Kynan Forney, RG

Keith Brooking, OLB

Players Acquired Via Free Agency:

Dominique Foxworth, CB, DEN

Bryant Johnson, WR, AZ

Floyd Womack, RG, SEA

Corey Williams, DT, GB

Nat Dorsey, LT, CLE

Dave Rayner, K, KC

Draft order as of today:

1. <?xml:namespace prefix = u1 />Miami

2. <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />St. Louis

3. New York Jets

4. Atlanta

5. New England (SF)

24. Cowboys (Browns)

31. Cowboys

My predicted draft order for draft day:

1. Miami

2. St. Louis

3. Atlanta

4. New York Jets

5. New England (SF)

20. Cowboys (Browns)

30. Cowboys


*Atlanta trades DeAngelo Hall to Dallas for the 1(20) and 1(30) picks

Draft Big 3:

1. Miami - Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU

2. St. Louis - Jake Long, OT, Michigan

ATL Draft Picks:


1st (3) - Darren McFadden, HB, Arkansas It s interesting that we reunite Jamal Anderson and Chris Houston with another first day Arkansas prospect.  This is the best pick for Arthur Blank to refill the dome after losing DeAngelo Hall and Michael Vick.  McFadden provides us with an exciting athlete and runner that will be mentioned in the same breath as LT, AP, and Gore.


1st (20-Dallas) Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona A really talented corner well suited for the next level. Would allow us to forget about the DeAngelo Hall trade in a year or two.

1st (30-Dallas) Michael Oher, LT, Mississipi Buidling a foundation in the trenches. Another tackle may fall here, but this would be my bet after clady, baker, long, and others.


2nd (3) Gosder Cherilus, RT, BostonCollege - Building a foundation in the trenches.

2nd (14-Texans) Chris Ellis, DE, Virginia Tech Our annual hokie.  A great prospect to learn underneath John Abraham, and someday start alongside Jamal Anderson.

3rd (3) - Jonathon Goff, ILB, Vanderbilt - I've seen him a lot. A huge sleeper at middle linebacker.

3rd (comp-Kerney) - Jordan Grimes, OG, Purdue - Good prospect to fill Forney's spot.

4th (3) - Josh Johnson, QB, San Diego (AA) - =) Can I have some electricity from the QB position post-vick? We hold out until next year and see what we have in this kid.

5th (3) - Sammie Stroughter, KR-WR, Oregon State - Great returner. May develop into a fine slot number 3 option.

6th (3) - Art Carmody, K, Louisville - Petrino wants a kicker, who better to call on?

6th (27-PIT) Adam Spieker, C, Missouiri Incase Datish isn t a sure prospect.

7th (3) - Andy Studebaker, OLB, Wheaton - A good special teams prospect and back-up linebacker.

Roster Entering 2008:


QB: Harrington/J. Johnson/Shockley

RB: McFadden/Norwood/Snelling

FB: Mughelli/McIntyre

WR: White/Robinson/B. Johnson/Jenkins/Stroughter/Jennings

LT: Oher/Dorsey

LG: Blaylock/Clabo

C: McClure/Datish/Spieker

RG: Womack/Grimes

RT: Cherilus/Weiner

TE: Crumpler/Milner/Blakely/C. Anderson


LE: J. Anderson/Davis

RE: Abraham/C. Ellis

UT: Coleman/Babineaux

NT: C. Williams/Lewis

ILB: Goff/Taylor

LOLB: Boley/Studebaker/Wilkins

ROLB: Williams/Nicholas

CB: Houston/Cason/Foxworth/Irons/Grimes

FS: Milloy/Stone/Crocker

SS: Williams/Crocker

Special Teams

K: Carmody/Rayner

P: Keonen

LS: Schneck

KR: Norwood/Stroughter/Jennings

PR: Stroughter/Jennings


We are younger, bigger, and our future is bright. Let the pieces mesh and our young centers battle it out to beat the out of place McClure, and we will have ourselves a great Offensive Line. McFadden will allow us to have the excitement and with Norwood to spell and do kicks, watch out. Our Defense takes a hit in the secondary, but Jimmy Williams emerges as our free safety and Foxworth, Cason, or Irons catches the Coaching staffs eye to play alongside Chris Houston. Goff shows us what it is like to have an actual middle linebacker and makes our linebacking core athletic, quick, and promising to be an elite core.  Our Defensive line gets a big upgrade with a never quite motor player in Corey Williams. Jamal Anderson finds his stride and his technique starts giving us some sacks. Josh Johnson impresses the coaching staff and becomes the biggest steal of the draft.  Throws accurate enough to win games alongside our offensive weapon mcfadden. He also makes plays with his feet to keep the Defense in check.  We have a mediocre 2008 season with many bright spots and come 2009.... Watch out...

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I like the attention given to the o-line and if McFadden is there at our pick I don't see how we can pass him up (unless someone offers us the farm for him...I'd give him up for multiple picks)....but I'd hate to see Hall go and I believe we have to seriously address the QB situation. There aren't going to be a lot of options at QB through free agency so I believe we have to take one of the top 5 guys in one of the first couple of rounds.

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I like the draft... In fact, I LOVE the draft....  But I am confused about signing a K in Raynor and then drafting a K in Carmody.

Also, I don't see us just letting Brooking go.  His contract is not up and he still can be useful as an OLB.  He has been sort of "Mr. Falcon" and I just don't see the team pushing him away.

I also think that I would rather have Dennis Dixon than Josh Johnson.  Just my preference.

Other than that, great FA and Mock.

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