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Dead Rising

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Anyone else put off by the pace of the game? Otis is constantly blowing up your walkie talkie and giving you all these scoops but you never have time to check them all out. I just restarted at lvl 20 because I missed one of the main story story scoops. I've read you complete stuff a lot faster when you start a second...third..fourth or whatever time but still...

Just feels like there's so much to do and not even close to enough time.

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It was a lot better the second time around. When I was forced to restart I started the game over again at lvl 20. I flew threw the story to catch up to where I was and it was definitely a lot easier to keep up with the pace of the game. I finished overtime mode at lvl 40.

Just sucks that the game almost sets you up for failure in the early levels.

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