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DJ is "DA FUTURE" of the CFL or clipboard City.


last round pick, performed so-so in training camp when going head-to-head with Redman, only picked in 7th round due to UGA connection, recovering from serious knee injury.

Hope I'm wrong, but IMHO he's destined to carry a clipboard or play in the CFL.

If he's lucky.

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BLOOOOOOOODDDDDD ... you gotta get that name changed.. it sucks... noone is going to cosign a post with a name like that :w00t::w00t::w00t:

I don't know how too.

You do it on your falcons Life page.. click Home.. then Profile on the bar below the home button.. then click personal info.. and you can update your Nick name in there.. it takes a while for it to take affect in the forum

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