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Falcons will beat the Rams


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I know you're right, because I saw the last play of the Rams/Seahawks game.

The Rams had that game basically won, until Frerotte received the last play of the game from the sideline.

It was the old, "Take a step back and drop the ball. Then pick it up. Make it look good, like you're attempting to throw the ball, but take the sack."

The play worked to perfection, and the Rams kept their draft position safe.

This should be the Falcons most impressive win of the season.

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Losing for the draft is a ******** concept.

Winning is contagious, it's good for the team. You want the players we have now to win, know what it's LIKE TO WIN, and improve every week.

Winning and getting better is more important than your first pick in the draft which is only one freaking player.

There are loads of QB's in the draft this year and lots of players out there that can help us out. We don't need a top 2 or 3 pick to have a good draft.

Also, the Falcons are 3-8, and would be 4-8 with a win tomorrow. There are at least 5 or 6 teams worse than the Falcons this year and those teams don't have the individual talent Atlanta does at certain positions. We are nowhere close to being the worst team in the NFL, even if we lost out.

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