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08 Braves

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Although I am not a member, I try to check BaseballAmerica every so often to see if they have any free content...... but as I was glancing, I noticed an article (of course, you have to be a paid member to read) that is titled "Winter League: Brandon Jones tries to get comfortable in Center Field."

I think he has the athletic ability to do it, and unless we can trade him for a more valuable pitched, I would rather see him attempt CF than ride the pine behind Matt Diaz (who I think will struggle heavily as an everyday)

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ha! The Mets? I heard they were changing their name to the 'Choke Artists'...... is that true?

I was worried when they might get John Santana, but seeing as there is no chance of that anymore, I am not concerned. The Mets are AWFUL. They will never ever establish dominance the way the Braves did for...... what?...... 15 years?

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