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i'm not a huge football fan; but as a louisville resident i follow my cardinals. howard schnellenberger got us started - got our stadium built. he turned us from sand lot into a football team. ron followed him and wasn't great. then came smith, from out west, and we moved up another notch. smith left for a big name college and we got an assistant for a head coach; bobby petrino. that's when things started to click. took a few seasons. last year we took the orange bowl, and i was hoping for a shot at the national championship this year. that won't happen now; the falcons got our coach. i'm happy for him. coaching the pro's is what he always wanted. but i wish we had him back. right now, bobby has his hands full and a soup sandwich to deal with. i've got 3 points: rome wasn't built in a day. keep the faith. and we'll take him back in a heatbeat if you're foolish enough to let him go. you want to take the superbowl? you got the right guy at the helm. give him what he wants. it pays.

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arthur blank is an intellginet man. he knows the importnace of having continuity in the front office, coaching staff and on the roster. he emphasised the importnace of continuity several times during our coaching search last year.

in short, arthur blank will give coach petrino every opportunity to turn things around and to succeed here.

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as a new atl resident and falcons season ticket holder and a former university of louisville football season ticket holder for 25 years, i'd like to add my 2 cents on coach bobby petrino. i watched some pretty pathetic teams and coaches and some **** good players and coaches over the years, but nothing i saw during those years was as good as the 4 years under bobby petrino.

bobby petrino replaced a coach who was not a disciplinarian, and who had tried to be a 'good old boy' with players and the media. the team he inherited committed a league leading number of penalties: especially stupid personal fouls. he inherited some veteran players that seemed more interested in their individual press clippings than in developing as players and leaders. he also had some players with raw talent that needed coaching and a chance to show that they could play.

bobby petrino took over the program and walked, talked, ate, drank, and slept football. he was not a media darling, although he could hold his own with the press. he taught discipline, execution and consistency and expected players to deliver on the field. although his teams were known for their offensive prowess, they also were terrific and exciting defensively. he and his staff developed and coached players to get the best out of them as individuals, leaders, and as members of a football team.

spare me the college vs. nfl crap because imho the same skills he brought to louisville will be successful in atlanta, but fans need to be patient. i know that's easy for me to say, because the falcons franchise has been one of under-achievement and inconsistency for many years and the fans have suffered much more than they have celebrated. falcon fans deserve better and they will get it under coach petrino.

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