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jason snelling

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i was just curious as to what everyone else though about snelling thanksgiving night. i know he only came in for a couple of play, but i really liked what i saw outta the kid. running behind mughelli, he was able to convert a few key short yardage situations, something the falcons have struggled to do for years now. and that was behind a decimated offensive line.

i'm not quite ready to say that we should go with norwood and snelling as our 1-2 punch, but don't you think we should keep snelling as our short yardage back? let's at least give him several more chances as the season goes on.

if he proves himself, that makes our decisions in the offseason that much easier. i know that someone out there can teach norwood how to pass protect. hopefully dunn will retire so we don't have to cut him, but if we have to, then so be it. if we could go into next season knowing that our running back situation is fine with norwood and snelling, i'd be ecstatic. i know there are injury concerns, but i think we'd be fine with norwood getting 10-15 touches and snelling getting 5-10 touches a game.

the only reason this changes is if we have a shot at mcfadden in the 1st round. if he's there, by all means get him! but if we miss out on him, i don't want us drafting a running back until at least the 4th round. there are too many other pressing needs (qb, lt, mlb, rg, dt, c).

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i agree with you, snelling looks great on thursday.

from what i heard, the cowboys wanted to claim snelling off of our practice squad, and the only reason that we activated him was to avoid loosing him to dallas.

now it certainly looked like petrino was happy to have him there with all the use he got, especially on short yardage. but i am not even convinced that norwood has the durability to handle the #1 role, so i would like to see a jonathan stewart type rb come in and allow norwood to complement him.

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i heard something like snelling went to the front office and told them that he wanted to remain a falcon!

not exactly, probably, but it was my interpretation of recalled read events!

poundig time has returned to the falcons, such a long absence,

the falcons without a big power back is like the colts without manning, imo!

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to be fair, I don't think it was Petrino/McKay's deliberate decision to not play Snelling, but instead that we needed to give roster spots to other positions, particularly OL (especially OT) and DT.

We clearly liked Snelling, because from what I have read the Dallas Cowboys attempted to claim Snelling off our PS, but we activated him in time to avoid this. I just don't think we had the luxury of having Snelling on our team with some other more pressing needs.

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