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falcons full mock offseason v.1.0


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current problematic positions & explanations as to why they're issues

  1. left offensive tackle: what has been our biggest issue this season? pass protection. what is the source of said pass protection issue? lack of production from the left tackle position on offense. we fix this position, and we're one step further from having the high-powered offense that we all know that bobby can bring to this team. pass protection comes first in this position, and a good run blocker should be a luxury.
  2. right guard: last season, everybody(including myself) thought that kynan forney was our best offensive lineman, hands down. when he openly spoke out about how much easier bobby's system is going to be for him, personally, to play in because it allows him to play at his natural playing weight, i figured "pro bowl". boy, was i wrong. he's been possibly our worst lineman so far this season, and his replacement, d'anthony batiste, is horrible. we need a right guard who is a road grader for the running game, but he can't be a scrub when it comes to pass protection.
  3. center: yes, our offensive line is that bad. todd mcclure has a tendency to get blown off the line of scrimmage on a good majority of plays, and it's because he's so small. i'm fairly sure he's listed at 6'1" 286 lbs, extremely small for any offensive lineman, especially one in a power blocking system. a center around 300-310 lbs would be nice, preferably shorter than 6'4" so it's easier for the qb to see over his head, and a pure run blocker. again, he can't be a complete scrub when it comes to pass protection, but he'll be getting help from one of the guards on almost every play when pass protecting, so it isn't as vital for this position.
  4. right tackle: todd weiner is a decent tackle, but honestly, he's only a good pass protector, and a mediocre run blocker. he was brought in to protect michael vick's blind side, and since vick was left handed, his blind side was on his right, so now we're stuck with a pretty good pass protector who can't run block that well on the right side where we need an absolute beast of a run blocker. needs to be the best run blocker on the offensive line. has to be an absolute mauler. if you've ever seen him get blown off the line of scrimmage, scratch his name off your prospect list for right tackle.
  5. quarterback: we need to fix our offensive line before we even look at a qb. what good is a qb if there's nobody there to protect him? just look at joey harrington. he has been the victim of a suspect offensive line since he was drafted into the nfl. the poor guy gets his @s$ beat everywhere he goes, and then people have the nerve to say that he's checking down too much. you'd check down, too, if you got hit as much as he has in his nfl career! we need a qb, but there is no immediate need at all. honestly, i'm convinced that if we can protect him and get him some talent at wr, joey harrington can be our qb of the future. he has the arm strength(50 yard pass)(did you watch the game last night?), he's accurate, and he's probably one of the toughest qbs in the league. do you guys realize that joey gets sacked an average of 2.1 times per game since the 2004 season? brian brohm got sacked an average of 1.5 times in his collegeiate career under bobby petrino, and this year, he's already been sacked 19 times. in 11 games. bobby's gone for 1 season, and brohm has already been sacked .2 more times per game than without bobby because of his scheme. like i said, we need to protect joey better and he'll look all-pro.
  6. defensive tackle: rod coleman & jonathan babineax are our only quality 3-techniques while trey lewis is literally our only decent nose tackle, and he is probably a better 3-technique prospect than nose tackle anyways. we desperately need a pure nose tackle, and unless b.j. raji declares for the draft, there is a grand total of 3 of them in this draft: glenn dorsey, red bryant, and frank okam.
  7. middle linebacker: keith brooking gets absolutely owned by bigger running backs. did you all see what reuben droughns did to him in the nyg game? believe me, that's not the only time that it's happened this year. he tackled lewis sanders who could've saved a touchdown. thanks a lot, keith. we need a mlb with a chip on his shoulder and a patrick willis kind of swagger. not necessarily a rah-rah ray lewis kind of leader, but somebody who leads by example. p-willie, demeco ryans, lofa tatupu; all have been very good in their rookie seasons and among the nfl's top tacklers since, and all were taken in the first round. maybe we should think about it, but we honestly just have so many more glaring needs to worry about than mlb that it would probably be foolish to take one before the 3rd round.
  8. wide receiver: we still need to pick somebody up like hines ward who doesn't drop a single pass and blocks like there's no tomorrow. now, whether or not there is a wr in this coming draft like that, i don't know, but it's definitely something that would be very nice to have. we have our downfield threat in roddy, we have our ridiculous jump-ball artist in laurent, and we have a reasonably good slot receiver in mike(he needs work on his hands, though). now we just need that true possession, 3rd down and red-zone target who we can rely on in clutch situations. lord knows it isn't crump anymore, unfortunately.
  9. free safety: yeah, it's still a need. chris crocker still sucks in coverage and jimmy williams still sucks against the run. not enough of an issue to draft somebody on the first day, but definitely a big enough issue to look at somebody in the 4th-5th round and develop.
  10. offensive and defensive line depth: we've proven this year, last year, and the year before that when we lose one or two players on either side of the line, we have nobody to back them up who can do an adequate job. there isn't a single possibility in the world that we'll go through a season without an injury or two to a lineman on either side; the colts are suffering from it right now, and they've lost 2 of their last 4 after a solid 7-0 start without the injuries. if we actually are serious about being a consistent contender in this league, we've got to get better line depth.
  11. power running back: we have 1 rb who trips over his own feet, 1 rb who has chicken legs, 1 rb who can't pick up a 1st down despite his hype for being such a great power back, and 1 rb who i think should be playing more but the coaches just signed him from the practice squad two weeks ago. we need a pure power back, like a jamal lewis/brandon jacobs type of player, who we can pound in for that 3rd and inches conversion. i think we solved our problem with snelling, as he picked up 3 of them last night on 4th down(i believe it was 3; maybe 2), but you never know with bobby. he did cut cundiff for prater.

with that...

offseason moves


-lb michael boley (6+ year contract)

-ol tyson clabo (2-4 year contract)

-dl chauncey davis (1-3 year contract)

-fs chris crocker (under 3 year contract)


-te dwayne blakley (contract up)

-cb omare lowe (contract up)

-lt wayne gandy (ineffectiveness)

-lb demorrio will

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overall a very good job. your ol predominance is warranted.

i don't see the need for signing two lb's in free agency. letting d'mo go and picking up the other two does not make sense to me.

i can not judge qb's to save my life. if there is one consistent trend in my drafting, it is that i always pick the wrong qb. for that reason, i can not fault your selection of woodson. it has become obvious that petrino is not happy with any of his qb's, so qb will be high on his list.

trading up into the first round may take more than our 2nd and 3rd. i like the scenario, but i don't see it happening. i read the blindside. after reading the book, i was ready to draft oher with our first round pick. oher will fall because he is short on technique. and, he has a strange way of learning things. if we draft him (and i wouldn't mind it), he will have to learn behind weiner (who i think will open next season as our lt) for a year or two. in lieu of oher, i would consider duke robinson of oklahoma.

right guard and center are our greatest weaknesses. pressure up the middle and lack of interior run blocking has been the demise of our offense. i hear that duke robinson is the best og in the nation. if he declares, i assume that he will go in the first round. if we take robinson in the late first round, fans will complain, but i believe he could give us the greatest immediate impact on the offensive side of the ball. there are other lt types in this draft that could also get the job done after a year or two behind weiner. brown (out of vt) is one guy that looks interesting.

grecco is a fine prospect, but if we already have our future lt and rg, i would go dt with this pick. injuries have wiped out our dt rotation. trey lewis will need this season and next to return to form. as a matter of fact, we may need to draft two dt's this time.

that is all for now. i like your philosophy and respect your choices.

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great draft but i don't agree with your comments on crocker , brooking and mcclure , our 3 most consistent players all year ! crocker amazed me how well he played against the colts , he's going nowhere. but i do understand we need to draft a mlb for the future and so brooking can go back to his natural postion.

great job on everything else.

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i disagree on the center position. i don't know why you always leave doug datish out of the fold considering he only had one season-ending injury, and he had a pretty durable career in ohio state. i highly doubt that the hand injury that datish injured would affect him much after he recovers. he was doing great in training camp, and he seems to fit your weight 'requirement's ' for a center considering he is around 305-310 pounds (he constantly hovers around that area).

i don't think joey harrington can be the future of this team. if you really think we can build our franchise around harrington, then you should just stop doing mock drafts and go to a mental institute now. harrington can definitely start a few games next year, and i would think that he still has a shot to win some. however, when it comes to carrying this team on his shoulder, to be honest with you, joey harrington isn't the best guy to do it considering his inconsistency to throw the ball deep. and, bro, you posted a video of harrington when he was in college. you know how far leaf threw the ball in college compared to his rookie and sophomore years in the nfl? it was like he wasn't even the ryan leaf we saw in college, and he wasn't. that's like harrington. i don't know about you, but i already accepted the fact that harrington's not as good as he was in college. not even close. i'm not saying he's a bust or anything like that. harrington's a decent quarterback, and would be a very good back up, but if you're comparing harrington's skill set in college to what he has now, then you've got things all wrong.

i completely agree with you on the middle linebacker position. i say we draft a middle linebacker no matter what, and we see if the rookie we draft at that position can step in during week 3 or 4 or something like that. i've been trying to convince myself that brooking's still a decent player, but i just stopped trying after i watched about three or four games this season. i'd say he's already gone downhill from his career. the only thing brooking has to offer to this team this season has been his leadership and nothing more. there are some good, quality linebackers in the second through third round. i'm constantly thinking of how to get jonathan goff into my mock drafts every time i think of one, and moffit isn't a bad player either. beau bell is a solid player from unlv, but it's certain of his stock due to his up and down performance, but the combine can definitely skyrocket it.

jimmy williams at free safety will be a guarantee next year. i want him to improve more this year so that next year, he will be much more experienced and ready to go. i believe we should give williams a break considering he's still a rookie of his position this year. making a transition from cornerback to safety isn't the easiest thing to do if you didn't know that already. i've noticed williams slight improvements, and i don't think you should just flat out say he sucks at stopping the run considering the whole defense sucks at stopping the run. so how many times do you think williams will need to stop the run if his defensive line can actually plug the holes which i haven't seen much in games where rod coleman or lewis were out. safeties are most often the last person that should stop the run unless, ofcourse, the run is a toss play or a play where they run outside. however, our linebackers haven't been up to par with the standards so that leaves all of the pressure on the last resort safeties. i'd throw an extra year or two at jimmy williams to get more familiar with the position and just let him play it.

why do you constantly mock norwood's legs? it doesn't really matter considering he's a much bigger road runner than dunn. i'm not saying he's got a stronger running style than dunn considering dunn's always had an ability to pick up an extra yard or two on the way down, but norwood's feet are always running and running, and they're like the energizer bunny, so i don't care about the size of his legs - just as long as it can get as places, and this year, we haven't been giving norwood much carries. we sure have given him enough kick returns though, and he's shown that he's pretty solid at that considering he probably has one of the worst special team blockers in the league right now. however, i do agree that we need another running back, but i wouldn't count snelling out yet. he's still a rookie, and he's shown flashes of great potential, and we need to seek out that potential. i wouldn't mind drafting a running back, but i would still want to give snelling a shot at being one of our change-of-pace kind of guys.

what's clabo's real position? he's listed on the falcons depth chart as right tackle, but i've seen him in plays where he was the right guard. i would keep clabo if he was a guard, but i don't think he'd be worth the money if we signed him as a tackle. however, like you said, we should probably just resign him because we just can't catch a break with the injuries every year, so we might as well sign the solid tackles that we've already seen play.

i don't think you can question ryan's accuracy and leadership at all... out of the three 'big' quarterbacks this year, matt ryan has the best accuracy and the best leadership and intangibles out of any of them. i'm not a homer, and i don't root for boston college. (go uconn) but if you're talking about inconsistent accuracy, you're talking about woodson, and if you're thinking about questionable leadership, then you're talking about brohm. ryan's probably the most well-rounded traditional quarterback there is in this draft. i'm not arguing your pick on woodson. i don't mind him, he'll be a solid quarterback in petrino's system. i'm just saying, i don't think you know what you're talking about when you think ryan isn't accurate or doesn't have the leadership ability. well... i shouldn't say you don't know what you're talking about, i should say nfldraftscout.com doesn't know what they're talking about considering you base your whole mock drafts from that site anyways...

bro, you didn't ignite the conversations about michael oher. i don't know if you've been paying attention, but oher's been the raving offensive tackle from mississippi. last year already. don't get so full of yourself thinking that you started the conversations about oher because of something called coincidence. coincidence that oher's season in ole miss is coming to a close and this is when the media will ask if he will declare. and stop talking like the walter jones/orlando pace idea was yours... you obviously read it from the blind side by michael lewis. and to be honest with you, i don't think oher will even declare this year... unless i missed something. and jesus, bro... you have to stop talking about how people played in high school. it just doesn't matter at this point.

and about you liking a tweener, i believe you were raving about [one of the best tweeners coming out of this draft] quentin groves a while back. he's an le/lb tweener, and yes, you were raving about him like you are/were raving about wolfe. just thought i should throw that out there for you.

i highly, highly, highly doubt goff will fall to the fourth round. teams are looking for that one demeco ryans to draft, and goff will not pass the third round. goff's one of the most well-rounded linebackers in this draft, and if laurinatis doesn't declare, goff might even slip into the first round. he's got the best open-field tackling skill out of any of the

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great draft but i don't agree with your comments on crocker , brooking and mcclure , our 3 most consistent players all year ! crocker amazed me how well he played against the colts , he's going nowhere. but i do understand we need to draft a mlb for the future and so brooking can go back to his natural postion.

great job on everything else.

mcclure is a fine center. however, he belongs in a zone blocking line. we can not rely on him to push a nt backwards....ever. we already have two short yardage rb's on the roster. our short yardage problems begin and end with our interior ol's.......mcclure is part of the problem.

again, he is smart, quick and tough, but he does not provide enough push to help petrino's style. hopefully, mckay will find an upgrade. who knows, maybe datish is that guy.

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